Spoilers: Emotional scenes as Mariam and Arshad exit in EastEnders

EastEnders aired a sudden exit for Mariam and Arshad Ahmed (Indira Joshi and Madhav Sharma) tonight, as the characters departed the Square after Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) gave them the travel vouchers Adam Bateman (Stephan Rahman-Hughes) had bestowed upon her.

Several weeks back, Mariam was mugged in broad daylight while returning home with the groceries. As a result, she began to feel unsafe, and informed Arshad about her desire to leave London.

While their plans were somewhat up in the air following her revelation, learning of Adam’s cheating behaviour broke of their hearts — and it was this that ultimately made them decide to depart. Well, that and Honey’s generosity.

After Adam promised her a holiday in last night’s episode, Honey woke up to travel vouchers from her beau. However, upon learning that Adam had offered Mariam the very same vouchers last week — which Arshad declined on her behalf — Honey was filled with regret, and thus gave them to the Ahmeds so that they could head off on their pilgrimage.

However, Adam confronted Habiba (Rukku Nahar) — blaming her for Mariam and Arshad’s impeding departure. He referred to Mariam as a bad mum — but Mariam overheard the whole thing.

In an attempt to cheer up a heartbroken Mariam, Habiba and Iqra (Priya Davdra) tracked down some of the children their grandparents had fostered — and Mariam was delighted as a result.

Honey arrived to see them off, and Mariam informed Billy that he’s the only man that can truly make her happy.

Mariam and Arshad set off to start their new adventure together, as Habiba informed Adam that he’ll never have a love like theirs.

EastEnders continues Monday 4thNovember at 8pm on BBC One.

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