'Southern Charm': Kathryn Dennis Says She Acted Crazy When Dating Thomas Ravenel, Apologizes to Danni Baird

Kathryn Dennis and Southern Charm co-star Danni Baird have always had a close bond during the show, but lately there’s been a lot of tension between the two leading ladies. After an explosive argument regarding Kathryn Dennis’ recent behavior, the friends drifted apart. It’s clear that Dennis is under a lot of pressure during her ongoing custody battle with Thomas Ravenel, and it’s likely this added to the situation. Now, Dennis is making her apologies to Danni Baird, after facing some uncomfortable truths. 

Thomas Ravenel’s been adding to the stress

For Southern Charm fans, it comes as no surprise that Thomas Ravenel has been causing untold stress and anxiety in Kathryn Dennis’ life. After their breakup in 2016, the couple began an ongoing custody battle for their children, Saint and Kensie. Kathryn Dennis failed a court-ordered drug test, and lost custody. After attending rehab and returning clean and sober, she regained 50/50 custody. 

Since then, Thomas Ravenel has been arrested on second-degree assault and battery charges, and Kathryn Dennis has been pushing for full custody of her children. As a result, Thomas Ravenel has begun dragging a variety of accusations against Kathryn Dennis into court. 

Most recently, he shared nude photos of her with the courthouse, which she sent to an ex-boyfriend. Ravenel and his legal counsel alleged that this exhibits, “flagrant promiscuity,” which apparently means Dennis is unfit to be a mother.

Ravenel also recently accused Dennis of being intoxicated on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. He’s also accused Cohen and Bravo of conspiring against him.

Kathryn Dennis blows up at Danni Baird

It’s easy to see how the stress of being what’s virtually a single mother alongside courthouse combat might add up and bring Kathryn Dennis to a breaking point. When Danni Baird decided to confront Dennis about her behavior over dinner, it didn’t go over well. 

Baird told Dennis she was behaving similarly to when she was dating Thomas Ravenel, and that she’s been self-sabotaging lately. “I’m not self-sabotaging, and I worked really hard to get here, and I don’t like feeling attacked,” replied Dennis.

Later, the two got into a heated altercation during a social gathering with their Southern Charm castmates. Dennis walked in on Baird discussing their dinnertime confrontation with Chelsea Meissner. Baird tried to talk to Dennis about the matter, and Dennis flat out refused to discuss it. Baird replied with, “Kathryn, if you can’t have a mature conversation with us, then don’t sit here and be fake as sh*t.”

Kathryn Dennis’ apology

Since then, things have been uncomfortable between the two Southern Charm stars. However, it seems as if Kathryn Dennis realized that there was some truth behind Danni Baird’s words. In the most recent episode of Southern Charm, the two made up. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t listen at first,” explained Dennis. “I’ve had time to think and reflect. When I realized that you raised some red flags I’m like, ‘What is happening here?’ ”

“I’m used to people talking s— about me,” she says. “Thinking I’m wrong, thinking all this bulls—, because I was with someone who made me act — or not made me — I did act crazy. Also, I went to rehab and lost my kids for three years,” said Dennis. She added, “But Danni shouldn’t have been the target of that.”

Dennis also told Baird, “At the trip, you brought up a few things that felt like baggage being put on the table,” explains Dennis. “I just snapped.” 

She went on to tell Baird, “I’m sorry, you know I love you.”

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