Snowpiercer season 2: Mr Wilford intentionally kicked off apocalypse – here’s how

Snowpiercer: Sean Bean revealed in season two teaser

Sean Bean’s Mr Wilford is one of the most elusive characters on Snowpiercer. For the entirety of season one fans were led to believe he never existed and was a myth created by Melanie Cavill (played by Jennifer Connelly) who is the actual mastermind behind the train. But as fans meet him for the first time in season two, they are bound to find out some of his darkest secrets and some believe he caused the big freeze.

Sean Bean finally made his appearance in the premiere of Snowpiercer’s second season as the sleazy CEO Mr Wilford. 

However in the season two trailer fans already got more than a good look at him and some of the things they can expect to see.

After the reveal at the end of season one there was another train circling the globe alongside Snowpiercer, audiences got a glimpse at some more of Wilford’s tech to look out for this season. 

In particular, fans were drawn by the balloon floating in the air above Big Alice, the second train.

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Fan theories immediately cropped up all over the internet, linking what was seen in the trailer with the wider world of Snowpiercer.

User Aaron Carpenter commented on YouTube: “Holdup, so that balloon thing in the air was possibly one of the rockets used for CW-7, and it has a big W.”

CW-7 refers to the chemical agent that was launched into the air to cool down the temperatures of the planet in response to climate change. 

However, CW-7 was too effective and instead froze the planet, starting what is referred to as the Freeze, which prompted Wilford to build the Snowpiercer and save the last remaining humans. 

So far, viewers had been led to believe that Mr Wilford was gifted with incredible foresight and knew the CW-7 was going to backfire, which is why he started construction on the train. 

But fans now are of a different opinion, as one theorised: “Does this mean Mr Wilford purposely created CW-7 for the goal of causing the apocalypse… woah.” 

Although it seems like the balloon now is being used more like a weather balloon it could still be possible that Wilford has something to do with the apocalypse humanity experienced. 

Another fan, The Bored Poster, added to the conversation saying: “I just read the Snowpiercer Prequels so I was able to catch that.”

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“What if Mr. Wilford created the trains and destroyed the world just so he could have a lavish life?” they added. 

The trailer already showed fans Mr Wilford in a lavish bathtub, enjoying the luxuries of the apocalypse. 

So it’s not a far shot to think that he might have seen an opportunity to create a situation where he is the leader of the last remaining humans. 

However, other fans don’t think Mr Wilford’s time on the show will last very long.

Thanks to Sean’s reputation for constantly being killed in his TV and film projects, like Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings, fans are convinced the tradition will continue in his new role.

In fact, the star’s ongoing tradition is so well-known, the theory was proposed as soon as a new trailer for the second season was released on YouTube.

Though Sean confessed he had started to turn down projects in which his character dies in a 2019 interview with The Sun. 

Snowpiercer season 2 continues Mondays on TNT and the following Tuesday on Netflix.

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