Sister Wives: There is One Important Family Member Missing From Aspyn Graduation Picture

It has been a busy year for the stars of Sister Wives. Not only has the Brown family picked up and moved states, but several of their children have gotten married or engaged. Now, Aspyn Brown, who recently married Mitch Thompson is officially a college graduate. The new graduate posted to Instagram to thank her family for all of their support shortly after receiving her diploma. Mom, Christine, father, Kody and two of her three sister moms, along with her husband and a few siblings, were on hand to celebrate the big event. Fans, however, have noted that one key family member was missing from the celebratory photo- Robyn.

Robyn appeared tobe missing for Aspyn’s graduation

Fans note that the mother of five often finds herself feeling under the weather the second a significant family milestone rolls around that doesn’t include her kids. Aspyn’s graduation from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas seems to be no different. The massive accomplishment was celebrated by a horde of Brown family members, but Robyn and her children were clearly missing.

Meri Brown, who has long feuded with Christine Brown, was on hand. Janelle Brown, who was recently spotted looking lonely in Flagstaff, also made the trek. Several of Aspyn’s siblings, including 17-year-old Gwendolyn and Ysabel, 16 also appeared in the family photo.

Fans have longsurmised that Robyn is selfish

Aspyn attempted alittle damage control as soon as fans started commenting on Robyn’s absence,but the excuse seems to only cement fan’s feelings about Robyn. Aspyn told herfans that Robyn woke up feeling “terrible,” but that she mustered up the energyto celebrate with the family later. There are no pictures documenting anyadditional celebration.

The excuse seems to be one that Robyn often uses, according to fans who follow the family closely. They note that she’s been a no-show at several family events and often uses the excuse of being sick or one of her children being sick to back up her lack of interest in the plural family’s milestone events.

It should be noted that none of Robyn’s children appeared in the photo either. Several siblings seem to be actively missing from the picture, so that might not mean anything. Mariah and Maddie Brown both live far from Nevada now. Maddie Brown currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, Caleb. Mariah is currently living in Chicago.

Does Robyn’s absence hint at trouble in the family?

Ever since the Brown family went off the air in April, fans have been theorizing that there is trouble in the family. Meri Brown has long seemed unhappy in her marriage, but ever since the family’s move to Flagstaff, it looks like things are getting worse. In fact, media outlets have reported that Kody seems to spend the majority of his time with Robyn, leaving his three other wives out in the cold.

It’s possible that jealousy among the other wives is keeping Robyn away from family events. It is also possible that Robyn doesn’t have any interest in being involved in significant milestones that are not attached to her own children.

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