Seven huge Coronation Street spoilers this week as Sally Metcalfe leaves the cobbles

WHILE her husband Tim recovers from his heart surgery, Sally Metcalfe has been feeling neglected.

The long-standing Coronation Street resident is set to make an abrupt exit. Here's the lowdown on all of the next week's drama.

1. Sally plans her exit

Tim (Joe Duttine) and Elaine's (Paula Wilcox) bond is weighing heavy on Sally.

The pair have grown closer while the cabbie recovers from a triple bypass.

After learning that her sister Gina Seddon (Connie Hyde) isn't doing well, the Underworld machinist feels torn between her family and her marriage.

Elaine, once again, butts in and urges her to go see Gina in Newcastle.

Coming up, Sally meets with Abi Webster (Sally Carman) in Victoria Garden and tells her she has made her choice.

Sally will be leaving Weatherfield to stay with her sister Gina as, off-screen, actress Sally Dynevor took part in Dancing on Ice.

Is her exit permanent?

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2. Kevin learns Abi cheated

But before she can leave Weatherfield, Sally will be treated to another dose of drama as the truth unfolds for Abi and Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell).

Kevin and Jack (Kyran Bowes) first tell Abi they've booked a holiday in Bridlington for after the adoption hearing, to celebrate.

ITV viewers Abi agreed to adopt Jack back in November, 2021.

However, cracks begin to appear when Abi – along with Sally and Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) – spots Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) celebrating his engagement with Toyah in the Bistro.

Outside, Sally finds Abi is clearly upset.

She finally reveals she slept with another man behind Kevin's back and Corrie fans know this is all about Imran.

Abi's night with Imran even resulted in a pregnancy scare.

Later on, Abi begs Sally not to tell Kevin about her infidelity, to which the latter responds she can't make her any promises.

Abi reiterates her plea while the adoption hearing is about to start, leaving her a message begging her to leave her one last chance of happiness.

Sally then calls Abi after listening to her message at the factory.

And while they talk about Abi's affair with Imran, the pair fail to realise her phone is connected to the Bluetooth speaker in the van, thus allowing Kevin to listen to the whole conversation.

Reeling in shock, he is seen in the van moments later, roaring off down the street.

Is this the end for Abi and Kevin or will he forgive her?

3. Bernie argues with Linda

Corrie grandmothers Linda Hancock (Jacqueline Leonard) and Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) are crossing swords this week.

Seeing how Dev chatted her up in the Rovers upon her arrival, Bernie took an immediate disliking to Linda.

She soon expresses her distate to her daughter Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) when Linda offers to pay for Joseph to attend the activity club.

When the pair return home, Bernie gives Linda the cold shoulder by explaining that two of the quadruplets have fallen ill.

Tensions arise between the two women and Bernie rails at Linda outside No.5, while she asks Josephs whether he would like to come and live with her in Portugal.

Matters takes a turn for the worse in the Rovers when Bernie and Linda trade insults as Fergus Dunford (Toby Hadoke) tries to smooth things over in vain between them.

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4. Izzy gets involved

Nothing is easily settled down in Coronation Street as the Winter-Brown family will be reminded when Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston) makes a return to Weatherfield.

Seeing how overwhelmed Chesney (Sam Aston) is as the father of five children, leading Joseph to feel neglected, Linda asks him if he'd like to come live with her.

Overhearing a conversation between his parents the young boy wrongly jumps to the conclusion he is no longer wanted at No.5 and tells his Granny Linda he'd like to leave for Portugal with her.

A heart-broken Chesney begs Joseph to reconsider but his decision appears to be made.

However, Linda's estranged daughter Izzy reappears in the cobbles and berates her mother.

Izzy accuses Linda of trying to take Joseph away from his family and the family feud is far from over.

Will Joseph really leave Weatherfield?

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Coronation Street spoilers: Bernie and Linda in furious row over Joseph

Adam is still the target of an intimidation campaignCredit: ITV

5. Adam is harassed online

The intimidation campaign continues for Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson).

After heavily vandalising his car and even targeting his wife Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien), his mystery enemy takes things to the Worldwide Web.

And, this time, Adam's credibility as a solicitor is at stake.

This week, Imran shows concerning online comments to Adam.

Adam is horrified as he finds he is being trolled: the reviews concerning him are all slating him as a solicitor.

But has Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan)really decided to ruin his career after harassing him (and getting away with it)?

6. Lydia confesses to affair

Drama unfolds within the Barlow household.

While the true author of the incriminating online reviews remains to be confirmed, Adam's former girlfriend Lydia steps up her plan.

Determined to continuously drive a wedge between Adam and his wife Sarah, the scheming character first tells Sarah she has tried to end things with the married man she has been seeing.

According to her, he allegedly refuses to accept their illicit romance is over.

Sarah then mentions Lydia's married man to Adam, telling him she feels sorry for her as he won't leave her alone.

Seeing that the next step of her plan is off to a great start, Lydia turns on the waterworks during a conversation with Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) claiming she's having man trouble.

Sean offers to have a word with Sarah but things only get worse.

After making out to Sarah that her ex won't stop harassing her via text, Sarah and Adam argue over Lydia outside Victoria Court, again, much to the latter's satisfaction.

Lydia listens, intrigued, before making out that she spent the night with her married ex.

Sarah soon searches through Adam's receipts upon her return home from work.

One of them is from an expensive lingerie shop in London and slowly seems to confirm her suspicions.

Sarah then calls the hotel and queries Adam’s bill.

The receptionist confirms that he ordered champagne and oysters, which seals the deal for Sarah: Adam has been unfaithful with Lydia.

During a tense confrontation Lydia feigns tears, admitting that she is having an affair with Adam.

The solicitor returns home, unaware of the bombshell his former girlfriend has just dropped.

Although Sarah confronts him with receipts, Adam insists that Lydia is lying through her teeth.

Who will Sarah believe?

7. Stu pulls a prank on Tracy

Former homeless man Stu (Bill Fellows), known for his warm disposition, wants to teach outspoken Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) a lesson this week.

When Tracy brags to him and Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) about the fine wine tasting experience her stepfather Ken (William Roache) got her for Christmas, Stu decides it's time to take her down a peg or two.

Later, Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) surveys his stock delivery and is annoyed to realise they’ve given him some cheap, nasty wine by mistake.

Stu sees this as a great opportunity to get his plan into action.

The trickster steams the labels off the cheap bottles of wine and the expensive ones meant for Tracy.

Stu drops the case of wine round to No.1, making out it was delivered to the wrong house and walks off, grinning to himself.

Ready for her wine tasting, Tracy sets out the bottles that Ken bought her and invites Steve (Simon Gregson) and Mary (Patti Clare).

But everyone struggles with the disgusting selection on offer.

Knowing his plan must have worked, Stu pours Yasmeen a mug of Ken's posh wine in front of a brazier.

A fuming Ken phones the wine merchant and tears a strip off them for the poor quality of their wines.

Stu decides to come clean to Ken and calls at No.1 to tell him he swapped the expensive wine for some cheap plonk from Dev's.

How will Ken and Tracy react to the prank?

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