Seeking Sister Wife's Dimitri Snowden accused of abuse by second wife Christeline after he 'choked her during sex’

SEEKING Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden has been accused of abuse by his second wife, Christeline, after she claimed in court documents that he “choked her during sex.”

On Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri, 40, is spiritually married to first wife Ashley, who he shares three children with, and is dating South African native Christeline Petersen and Georgia-based Henna artist Tayler Monique. 

In the request for domestic violence restraining order obtained by The Sun, Christeline, 32, listed her relationship with Dimitri as “we are now married or registered domestic partners” and "used to live together.”

She refers to him as her “husband” in the court papers. 

Christeline claimed the most recent incident of abuse occurred on January 13, 2021 with only she and her husband present. 

She claimed in the filing: “I was woken up by him slamming my head into the headboard of the bed and he was yelling at me. My head was slammed into the headboard several times."

She claimed she suffered “pain” and filed a police report on January 22, 2021. 

Christeline went on to allege the abuse happened “numerous times in the last year.”

She claimed in court documents: “He choked me during sex, even though I repeatedly told him not to. The more I struggled, the more he enjoyed it. I stopped saying no after a few times, because any struggle by me would prolong the sex and choking. 

“One time I got very dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out.”

She claimed she suffered from “bruises and redness” around her neck and “scratches” from his nails. 

She requested her two daughters, ages 10 and 5, be protected in the petition filed on March 12, 2021. 

Christeline said: “He is not the father of my two daughters and they are afraid of him as often yells and punches the walls or furniture.” 

She claimed she did not give Dimitri notice of the filing, as she was “afraid that the violence would reoccur” if she gave him notice. 

A temporary restraining order was granted until the April 6 court hearing. 

Dimitri was ordered to not “harass, attack, strike, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), hit, follow, stalk” and more. 

He was ordered to stay at least 100 feet from her person, home, job, car and school of her children.

Only Christeline attended the hearing, as Dimitri was “unable to be properly served” with the temporary restraining order.

The temporary order remains in full force until their hearing later this month. 

Dimitri did not immediately respond to The Sun's request for comment.

TMZ was the first to report on the restraining order. 

On the TLC show, Dimitri is courting both Christeline and Tayler.

Dimitri has kissed Christeline and Tayler on the show, as he has formed a connection with both. 

Tayler told Dimitri’s wife Ashley of a potential sex schedule: “Speaking of sharing, we already set the D schedule. I like it in the morning. Christeline can be getting D in the night.”

Ashley said in her confessional: “Um that’s kind of scary to think about.” 

Tayler enjoyed her time with the Snowdens so much that she asked them if she could stay with them in their $900,000 Woodland Hills, California home. 

The family called Christeline, who had returned to South Africa, as she gave her blessing to the family. 

Last season, Dimitri married Vanessa Cobb in a spiritual ceremony. 

After the finale aired, Vanessa revealed she left the family. 

Both parties did not give an exact reason for the split. 

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