See RHOA's Falynn Guobadia introduce Porsha Williams to then-husband Simon just months before co-star & ex's engagement

REAL Housewives of Atlanta friend Falynn Guobadia introduced Porsha Williams to then-husband Simon just months before their engagement.

Fans went wild after Porsha revealed she was engaged to Simon after one month of dating and that she and Falynn were no longer friends.

Earlier this season, Falynn was introduced to the housewives as Porsha's friend as she attended her Black Lives Matter.

In the second episode of the show, the mom of three invites Porsha, 39, Porsha's sister, and her friend, Tanya Sam, to her house so they can get to know each other more.

The scene opens up with the four women making their way towards the pool where Simon is also hanging out.

Falynn introduces the girls to her husband, saying: "This is my husband, Simon, everyone!"

The housewife then fist bumps Simon, saying: "Nice to meet you! I see you laid it out for us!"

The backyard had been decked out with cheese boards, a hookah, and plenty of alcohol.

Ironically, the 56-year-old husband pointed out the decoration and said: "Now, that right there makes me want to get married again."

Falynn quickly jumped in and said: "Yes, we may just have to renew our vows, get a ring upgrade, you know."

Porsha and Tanya looked incredulous at the couple before laughing, to which Simon responded by saying he was "well-trained."

Throughout the rest of the season, Falynn showed she was very protective of her relationship as she brought him to the girls' bachelorette party for Cynthia Bailey, where she called him her "best friend."

She even threatened to attack LaToya Ali, who had insulted Simon in their home, during a Halloween party.

Falynn had to be held back by Kenya Moore and two security guards as she swung a golf club.

Simon immediately stepped in and carried her out to their bedroom.

This scene was filmed just months before Falynn and Simon announced they were separating after two years of marriage.

Last month, the two of them shared statements on their social media, where they confirmed the news.

Falynn wrote: “After two years of marriage and five years of friendship, Simon and I have made the difficult decision to go our separate ways.

“We are deeply thankful for the impact we have made in each other’s lives as well as the bonds formed with each other’s children.

"This mutual decision was not made lightly, and despite our current willingness to be transparent, we only ask our friends and supporters to be respectful of our privacy as our family gets through this very difficult period.

"I would like to say thank you to all of my supporters, who have shown a great deal of love for our family. You all do not go unnoticed."

This timeline didn't go unnoticed by Bravo fans as Porsha revealed last night that she and Simon had begun dating a month ago after fans noticed the two getting cozy during a Mother's Day party.

The housewife, who also showed off her massive engagement, ring wrote in her post: "Our relationship began a month ago – yes we are crazy in love. I know it’s fast but we are living life each day to its fullest.

"I choose happiness every morning and every night. Tuning out all negative energy and only focused on positive wishes. He makes me so happy and to me, that is what matters most.

Making it clear she wasn't involved in Falynn and Simon's divorce, she added: "For all of you that need facts, I get the optics but Simon filed for divorce from a previous marriage in January.

"I had nothing to do with their divorce filing. That’s between the two of them.

"Falynn and I are not friends, and Simon’s divorce has been settled. Our relationship is a positive, loving step forward in everybody’s lives."

Porsha added that her ex Dennis McKinley, to whom she was engaged twice, and new beau Simon are "committed" to be the best co-parents to her two-year-old daughter Pilar.

"Simon and Dennis are committed to being respectful and supportive of my happiness in this situation, as well as being the best co-parents they can be to baby PJ," she penned.

"Two black men stepping up and being amazing people – let’s praise them!!!!"

She finished the post: "It’s truly a beautiful moment in my life & we cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together."

Following her announcement, fans raged as Porsha claimed she was not friends with Falynn as the two have taken pictures together and gone on trips together – Falynn was even introduced to the show as Porsha's friend.

One fan wrote: "As much as I love me some Porsha this is girl code violation! Clearly Falynn was chasing the wrong snake around her house on Halloween."

A second one tweeted: "Its always we wasn't friends when they pick the man over the friend."

A third one commented: "Porsha Williams is the reason why some women don't want their friends around their man.

"She invited Porsha into her home and this is what happens."

A fourth one tweeted: "Porsha was all in this lady pool, smoking hookah, drinking & taking selfies at this woman house … but y'all weren't friends?"

Not only that, but fans have also speculated that Porsha could be pregnant with Simon's child as she held her belly in a video she posted on Monday.

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