Saturday Kitchen viewers ‘switch off’ after branding guest chef too loud: ‘Can’t tolerate’

Saturday Kitchen: Big Zuu explains his show 'Big Eats'

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Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt was joined by chefs Big Zuu and Judy Joo alongside guest Joss Stone. Big Zuu was first up to cook a signature dish for everyone and decided on his Saag Paneer Bhaji Bun, which came from his cookbook. Whilst cooking, viewers of the show became annoyed with how loud his voice was and took to social media to reveal they had turned the show off.

Introducing his dish, Big Zuu said: “It’s time, I’m about to make the Saag Paneer Bhaji bun, Judy, you know.

“I’m going to get some oil in the pan to get the paneer going because there is nothing worse than undercooked paneer.

“Judy is going to get our chutney going, so we got some mint, some coriander going in there, a little bit of seasoning, cumin, salt and some ginger!”

Matt asked: “This is quite an unusual idea, where did this come from?”

Big Zuu revealed: “I made this for Josh Widdecombe on Big Eats, it is my show, Big Zuu’s Big Eats, I’m saying it like everyone should know what it is.

“If you don’t know what it is, you have been under a rock! Also nominated for a BAFTA, and we have just got nominated for another RTS award, what are you talking about?” he shouted in excitement.

Big Zuu is known for his loud and outgoing personality, often getting excited over the dishes he makes for other celebrities.

However, some fans of the show felt Big Zuu was too loud and ended up switching off the show because of it.

Suzanna Duncan fumed: “Turned off #SaturdayKitchen today… too shouty.”

Trish Reade commented: “#SaturdayKitchen switched over. Who is the bloke on today…”

@Namaste66ahimsa added: “Usually love #SaturdayKitchen, but I literally can’t tolerate this shouty bloke and his irritating Londonese…”

Lee Matthews said: “Puts TV on mute. #SaturdayKitchen.”

However, many were glad to see Big Zuu in the kitchen with @Joanna_MT praising: “Loving Saturday kitchen, his laugh is infectious #SaturdayKitchen.”

@GreedyRosie complimented: “Give this young man the hosting job #saturdaykitchen. I love him.” (sic)

Whilst cooking away, Big Zuu slammed his recent experience at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Lucky Cat when eating there for friend and rapper AJ Tracey’s birthday.

He explained: “Let’s not talk about my portions, there ain’t nothing worse than those little fancy little plates of food, nobody wants that.

“Nobody came here for that, you came here to eat, the show is called Big Zuu’s Big Eats, imagine I give you a small plate of food, defeats the whole purpose.

“I was at the Lucky Cat with friend AJ Tracey, it was his birthday, you know what, it was a little bit meh, sorry Gordon, I know you are a respected chef in the UK but come on, man.

“What is the Lucky Cat, it’s not even real Asian food. I was eating lamb chops and stuff, what is that? Honestly, the food was ok.”

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturday from 10am on BBC One.

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