Ruth Langsford told colleague who pinched her bum ‘I’ll break your arm’

This Morning favourite Ruth Langsford has opened up about a time she had her bottom pinched by a male colleague.

Ruth, 60, shared the horrid incident as she spoke about sexism in the workplace.

The TV star, who is married to Eamonn Holmes, spoke about her personal experience with sexism on Kate Thornton's White Wine Question Time podcast.

Ruth admitted during the candid chat that she once vowed to break a male colleague's arm during her early days in media after his inappropriate advances.

The Loose Women star shared that she was carrying a tray of tea on set before the male colleague touched her inappropriately.

Ruth shared how she was not going to let him get away with it.

Recalling the incident, a brave Ruth said: "I remember years ago when I had to take these big trays of tea around at certain times in the day for the VT engineers. It was all men.

"For some reason it was deemed to be my job as a woman. I remember taking this tray round and a guy pinched my a**.

"I put the tray down, I slapped his tea down, and said: 'If you ever touch me again, I'll break your f***ing arm.''

Ruth then shared her own view on how women still aren't on a level-pegging with men in the workplace.

Ruth added: "You'd never call a man bossy.

"I mean if you were a guy and the editor of a magazine, they'd go 'he's so dynamic and young and amazing’.

"Why is it like: 'She's really bossy and annoying.' I think women have had to fight that and to some extent, still do. It will keep changing."

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