Project Runway’s Christian Siriano slams contestant Bones as ‘insane’ & Meg Ferguson sobs over mom's death

PROJECT Runway host Christian Siriano slammed contestant Bones as “insane” during the Season 19 premiere.

Contestant Meg Ferguson also broke down in tears over her mother’s death.

The season premiere of Bravo’s Project Runway, which aired on Thursday, featured several emotional moments.

After the contestants were split into two teams, Christian found an enemy in Team Warm’s leader Bones.

While visiting the contestants as they worked on their garments, Christian, 35, said he didn’t “love” all of their designs.

Shortly after the host made the comment, Bones told the group: “Don’t let anybody else’s outside opinions distract what we’re doing.”

Christian responded: “What are the outside opinions? Meaning mine?”

Bones replied: “Yes, I’m sorry.”


Christian didn’t accept the comment, as he angrily responded: “I’m here to help you. I would love to give you opinions, but if you don’t need them then there’s no problem.”

Bones then argued they’re “a team,” stating: “We have to decide on how we all feel.”

While Bones thought he was defending his team, many of his fellow contestants weren’t happy with how he treated the host.

Contestant Prajje Oscar said in a confessional: “Bones is extremely rude and definitely out of line.”

Back at the studio, Christian said: “I don’t need to be here. There’s issues with every single one of these looks.

“So you guys should first work on that before you even not want opinions, because that’s insane.”


Once Christian left, the team members slammed Bones for disrespecting the host.

Bones held his ground as he responded: “I respect that, but I want to go home because of my opinions. Not because of Christian’s.”

The contestants continued to let their emotions get the best of them when Meg broke down in tears as she reflected on her mom’s passing.

While mediating with two other contestants, Meg became emotional and ran to the bathroom in tears.


She said in a confessional: “My mom passed two years ago.

“She was always the biggest cheerleader for me.

“I have struggled with mental health issues since I was pretty much a teenager and that anxiety of never being good enough.

“She was the one person in my life who always supported me.

“To not have her is really hard.”

As the show cut to a clip of Meg being consoled by another contestant as she cried in the bathroom, she said: “It’s day two and I don’t think I mentally prepared what the stress of this competition would be.”

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