Piers Morgan slams ‘Covidiots’ as he gets ‘death threats’ over lockdown plea

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has begged for "Covidiots" to unfollow him on Twitter as he defended himself against online abuse.

The 55-year-old ITV star has called out the nasty comments he has received for tweeting that the country needs to go into lockdown as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

He was reacting to the news that France will be going back into a nationwide lockdown on Friday following an announcement from president Emmanuel Macron.

The GMB presenter called out Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his response to the health crisis.

Taking to Twitter, the former newspaper editor said: "Britain needs to lockdown – nationally, and immediately. And Britain also needs to ensure non-covid patients get treated and businesses don’t go bust.

"This is on you @BorisJohnson – you’re supposed to be the leader of this country, so LEAD."

He added: "Can all Covidiots please just unfollow me and f*ck off. This 2nd wave is extremely serious and I’m not interested in your insane conspiracy theories, your dumb fake charts, your 'proof' that covid’s 'not as bad as the flu' – or any of your ignorant abusive garbage.

"Our health and care workers are facing another incredibly tough, challenging and dangerous few months.

"I wish them all the very best of luck and thank each and every one for their heroic service."

Piers posted that it is the government’s "duty" to make sure people’s jobs are safe if another lockdown happens, but the unwelcome responses kept on coming.

"UPDATE: Covidiots are still following me, and still spewing their conspiracy crap and abuse," Piers wrote.

"So sadly, I now have to move to full (permanent) lockdown and block them all."

He later retweeted a now-deleted comment and added: "Aww, now the death threats."

The television star's latest social media rant ended up in another social media spat with his son Spencer, 27.

Piers and Spencer's heated clash online came about as Spencer bid "farewell" to his dad after the GMB presenter begged "covidiots" to unfollow him.

The father and son duo have been at each other's throats for months over coronavirus lockdown rules.

Spencer has been extremely vocal in his belief that the measures are too strict and only vulnerable people should take precautions.

On the other hand, Piers has spoken out against the government.chastising them for not doing enough and insisting that we need stricter measures.

Spencer took to his popular Twitter page on Wednesday to moan: "Lockdownists think money grows on trees don't they."

Piers retweeted the message and added: "You can revive economies. You can't revive dead people."

Earlier this month, Piers urged his son to "get a grip" after he'd complained that his twenties were ending "three years early" due to the new Tier lockdown system.

Piers is currently taking a break from hosting the ITV breakfast show, but he has confirmed he will be back on our screens on Monday.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am

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