Phillip Schofield loses it with This Morning guest in furious election row ‘We will stop!’

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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby spoke to Donald Trump supporter Toni Holt Kramer on This Morning and the presenters asked the guest for her thoughts on the president’s claim he’d “won the election”. Kramer explained she believed the president had every right to make the announcement but Schofield clashed with the Trump supporter when she refused to let him ask a question.

Kramer began by claiming the “facts” Schofield and Willoughby had stated “were wrong”.

The Trump supporter went on to explain why she believed Trump was right but continued to talk when Schofield attempted to ask her another question.

Schofield exclaimed: “Do you not listen to anything? Stop! Let me ask you a question.”

You’re asking and answering a question, let me say to you the president had every right to say what he said,” Kramer replied.

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One said: “This woman ‘Toni’ from Palm Springs talking on #thismorning about Donald Trump is absolutely crazy. What is she on about !!!!!”

“#thismorning why is this woman given airtime? Toni H Cramer,” another shared. 

A third wrote: “This is so uncomfortable #ThisMorning.”

Someone else wrote: “Laughing at Philip losing his cool with this intolerable woman #ThisMorning.”

“Get her off the TV #ThisMorning fair play to @Schofe  for standing up to it…,” a fifth added. 

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