Phillip Schofield in hospital for urgent surgery on 'debilitating' eye condition | The Sun

PHILLIP Schofield has been in hospital today for surgery on his eye after living with a ‘debilitating’ condition.

The 60-year-old has now had ‘floaters’ removed from both eyeballs, telling his fans: “If the success of my summer is to be floater free, that’s good enough for me.”

This Morning presenter Phil told how he can now see a clear blue sky after having his vision ‘blighted’ for many years.

He underwent the first op in July and explained the surgery at the time to his followers.

He wrote: “FLOATERS: Details as promised if you suffer from debilitating floaters. Firstly, no part of my treatment and surgery was gifted and I wasn’t asked to post. It is also pioneering and costly. It was carried out by Prof Stanga at The Retina Clinic in London.

“I had Elective limited pars plana vitrectomy surgery. It didn’t hurt! If you have been told ‘just live with them’ that is not necessarily true, I’m sure there are exceptions, but they can be fixed.

"A full vitrectomy will usually cause a cataract quite soon after, a limited vitrectomy won’t.

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“Prof Stanga and his team are leading the field here in the UK in this and other retinal treatments with state of the art equipment and rigorous pre op consultation and post op aftercare."

Phil continued: “These floaters have literally blighted my otherwise brilliant eyesight. For the first time in many years, right now, I’m looking at a clear blue sky, it is mood/mind and life changing for me.

"People who don’t have terrible floaters won’t understand what they do to your head and until now they really haven’t been taken seriously.

“Today I have a blood shot eye that will last 2 weeks and an intense regime of eye drops for a month… but my floaters are 100% gone.”

Phil first opened up about the condition back in 2020 on This Morning.

He said at the time: "They drive me insane! My vision is like a filthy bathroom window drifting across my eyes, and it drives me crazy."

What are floaters?

Floaters are small dark dots, squiggly lines, rings or cobwebs in your vision.

Lots of people, particularly older people, get floaters and flashes.

They're usually caused by a harmless process called posterior vitreous detachment (PVD), where the gel inside your eyes changes.

Sometimes they can be caused by retinal detachment.

This is serious and can lead to permanent vision loss if not treated.

Floaters and flashes can also happen for no obvious reason.

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