Peter Andre showed off his incredible six-pack in the 90s and proves tonight he’s still got it – The Sun

PETER Andre made a name for himself in the 90s with his incredible six-pack — and he shows it off again tonight.

The 47-year-old singer and TV presenter strips off in the second episode of Life With The Andres.

His new reality show, aired exclusively on The Sun’s YouTube page, sees him post-workout.

But despite his toned ­physique, he eats “whatever I want” at night.

He said: “Nothing is off limits.

“I do enjoy my chocolates but where I counter that is my training.

“I really push myself.

“I do the opposite to what’s classed as normal.

“I have no breakfast, just a black coffee, and loads of water."

The dad of four also disagrees with wife Emily, 30, over the kids returning to school.

He explained: “We very rarely have opposite views – but I don’t think they should go back tomorrow and Emily thinks they should.

“The only reason I’m going with what Emily says is because she’s a doctor.

“If it was up to me I’d say no."


He says he has mixed feelings about the day when he’ll need to return to the showbiz circuit.

He said: “I’ve never spent this much time at home with the kids.

“I love it and I’ve learnt so much. It’s been a really humbling experience for me."

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