Peter Andre reveals he’s terrified of daughter Princess becoming a teenager and getting a boyfriend – The Sun

PETER Andre has melted hearts with his perfect parenting skills – but he admits he'll soon face his hardest challenge.

In tonight's Life With The Andres the singer and TV star, 47, bonds with daughter Princess ahead of her 13th birthday.

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And Peter's already thinking ahead to the tough talks they'll have when she finally wants a boyfriend.

He said: "I’ve never had a teenage daughter before. I’m scared.

"At the moment I see the innocence in everything when she talks about boys and all sorts of things, but of course I know the times are coming where I will have to sort of not have a heart attack at the thought of her wanting a proper boyfriend or all the things that are going to happen in her teens."

The strict father-of-four will be keeping a close eye on his daughter's social media use even when she's a teenager.

He said: "I always say whatever you do on social media, whatever you put out there, dad will always be able to see it, so think about that before doing things.

"She’s a good girl. I still don’t allow her with her phone in her room. On her 13th birthday she’s allowed to have Instagram, but it has to be private.

"She gets a bit more freedom, but I don’t let go of the reins just yet."

And Peter's confident his experience raising "very good" eldest child Junior, 14, will serve him well.

He said: "I really believe she’s turning into a really fine young girl, and even though she follows her friends I do try and teach her as much as I can to have respect."

Meanwhile Peter is spending most of his days worrying about doctor wife Emily as she helps fight coronavirus on the frontline.

He said: "All the way through the day I’m thinking is she alright? Is she OK?

"Because obviously we can’t keep in contact while she’s at the hospital. It’s a weird experience being both mum and dad, and of course the fact Emily is doing something as all the NHS staff are doing: They’re saving lives."

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