Paddy makes a big mistake which upsets Chas in Emmerdale

Well meaning Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) has put his foot in it by mistake in Emmerdale tonight by deciding to cancel the baby scan that Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) just wants to get over with. Paddy nad noticed that Chas was understandably on edge and needed some time to herself – given the devastating news they were given the last time they went for this scan, it’s little wonder that Chas’ nerves are on edge.

Coupled with the angst over the death of Lisa, Paddy assumed – after being snapped at by Chas – that she wasn’t ready for the scan and so he took it upon himself to do what he thought was the right thing and told Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards) that he was going to postpone the scan.

However, this is actually the opposite of what Chas wants as she confided in Charity (Emma Atkins) that she just wants to get through the day as quickly as possible to stop worrying over it. Admitting she had no tears left to cry if it were more bad news, Chas made it clear she’d rather fast forward the scan than delay it.

Chas will be upset with Paddy’s decision but thankfully the pair do still manage to make their appointment and as a couple, support one another as they hope for the best and yet fear the worse.

Relief will overwhelm them when they are given the news that their baby is healthy – and they also decide to learn the gender of their baby but opt to keep it a secret from everyone else.

Well, not quite everyone.

In an emotional scene, they will visit Gace’s grave and tell her in private whether it will be her brother or her sister coming into the world.

Dominic and Lucy recently hinted that their characters are in for some happier times over the next year.

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