'OutDaughtered': Danielle Busby Admits the Mold in Her Home Is Making Her 'Desperate'

There are plenty of unusual families on reality TV, but few are as endearing as the Busbys on TLC’s OutDaughtered. After years of struggling with infertility, Adam and Danielle Busby now have one older daughter and the first set of all-female quintuples in the United States. And now that the Busby quints are 4, the busy parents continue to struggle to balance their kids’ daily needs and keeping their sanity in check.

So far on this season of OutDaughtered, we’ve seen one of the Busby quints get seriously ill — and Adam and Danielle then discovered they had a serious mold problem in their home. And Danielle has even admitted the entire situation has made her “desperate” for some sort of resolution.

The Busbys had to leave their home after mold was making the kids sick

It was after little Ava was wheezing heavily that Danielle and Adam decided to investigate their home for possible causes. People notes the Busby couple met with a mold inspector who gave them the startling assessment. As Danielle said, “The whole upstairs seems to be covered with mold and it’s really bad in Ava and Olivia’s room, so my stomach is turning over because the numbers are like, astronomical.” And due to the mold infestation, Adam and Danielle were told to throw away all pillows and mattresses and get the girls to sleep downstairs.

According to Reddit users who did their research, it seems the mold problem wasn’t just in Adam and Danielle’s home, too. One user claimed, “it seems that 10% of the neighborhood allegedly has mold issues stemming from HVAC systems. The builder has yet to find a solution for it.”

Fans put Adam and Danielle on blast for letting the quints stay at Danielle’s sister’s house

With six children, it was nearly impossible for Adam and Danielle to find another home to stay in quickly while the mold issue was being dealt with — so they took refuge in Danielle’s sister’s home. And while Crystal and Dale very kindly helped out the family in need, Danielle had her concerns right off the bat. “I’m a little bit worried about the quints because they’re so hard to handle these days,” Danielle said. Even so, they managed to get through their short stay — but not without fan criticism, of course.

“I think it was very selfish to intrude on your sister’s household. You knew she wouldn’t say no you couldn’t stay but y’all should have gotten a hotel room. No way you should be moving eight people in someone’s home,” one fan commented on this Instagram clip. Another could only focus on the mayhem the quints caused and added, “Those girls need discipline!!”

The stress of finding a temporary home made Danielle ‘desperate’

While Dale and Crystal helped out the Busby family, Danielle and Adam were looking for a home they could reside in for half a year while their mold situation was dealt with. Lucky for Danielle, her mother’s in the housing business — but having so many young kids still made it tough to find an ideal home. “At this point, I’m just getting desperate,” Danielle told the cameras. “I just want to find something that we can make work.”

The home Danielle was looking at would only have three bedrooms and no bathtubs to bathe the quints in — but she was still willing to make it work. “It’s only six months and I don’t think we have the option to be picky right now,” she added. Not only that, but taking care of the quints and looking at houses proved to be a difficult task. “The quints are definitely not helping my stress levels right now,” Danielle mentioned.

We know everything works out in the end for the Busbys, as In Touch Weekly reminds us Danielle and Adam addressed the moving rumors at the end of 2018. Even so, it’s stressful to watch the whole ordeal unfold on TV. We’re hoping Danielle feels a lot less “desperate” now, too.

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