Our Yorkshire Farm’s Clive Owen speaks out on ‘arguments’ with son Reuben

Our Yorkshire Farm star Clive Owen has opened up on his struggles working with his 18-year-old son Reuben.

Amanda Owen’s husband admitted the pair have “plenty of arguments” while attempting to work together at Ravenseat Farm as fans looked on.

Back in episode six of series five, Clive and Reuben were determined to dam the bank, with Reuben in the digger – but the pair soon began to butt heads.

Clive told the camera: “We work well together, we don’t agree on everything but that wouldn’t do if we did.

“It hopefully finds the best way of doing something. He works things out, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and he can see a job and see a solution. He’s a good lad.”

But a disagreement over which direction the dam should be built in to stop the river affecting the family’s surrounding hay meadows soon put a stop to Clive’s gushing assessment of his son.

Reuben told his dad: “The more narrow it is, the faster it’ll flow!” – but Clive turned to the camera to say: “Plenty of arguing.”

Clive said of their spats: “Although I’m the parent, I believe what I tell them – we’re also mates and it’s great fun to be with them.”

Mechanic apprentice Reuben insisted the pair “get on quite well”, as he explained: “arming’s never massively been my thing, but digging and construction machinery is so it’s nice that me and my dad now have something we both really enjoy.”

It comes shortly after the news that Clive’s wife Amanda has doubled her net worth – with documents revealing that her firm’s figures have increased dramatically over the last year.

The Sun reported that her company Yorkshire Shepherdess LTD shows a cash and assets surplus of £240,653 for 2020 compared to £74,411 the year before.

The company’s Corporation Tax bill of £76,931 revealed her earnings before costs and expenses were around £500,000 in 2020, which is double the same figures in 2019.

And after 10 years on the box and five bestselling books – along with raking in cash from adverts and sponsorship opportunities – it’s easy to understand how she’s managing such an impressive financial feat.

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