‘Not a sexual thing’ Woman stuns Phillip Schofield as she defends breastfeeding fiancé

This Morning: Woman who breastfeeds her fiancé explains why

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The This Morning guest was joined by Shawn as she spoke live from their home in Murcia, Spain. Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby grilled the couple on their decision to breastfeed and questioned if they were sexualising the act. Lana insisted she was not creating any negativity for breastfeeding mums and they hope to “normalise” breastfeeding between partners.

Asked if breastfeeding Shawn was sexual for the couple, Lana explained: “It can be but anytime you are close together, even when cuddling it can turn sexual.

“It’s not just a sexual thing, it can be a thing to bond together and feel close.”

She added: “Since the documentary aired, a lot of people have said they wish they could be more open.

“They find it difficult to speak about this want to do it.

“Lots of women contacted us to see how we get the process going. They realise it is something they want to do too.”

Holly questioned Lana over fears she was sexualising breastfeeding when many women already feel uncomfortable feeding babies in public.

“I know where they’re coming from,” Lana explained. “It doesn’t sexualise breastfeeding.

“The breasts of a woman have always been sexualised. That is why the breasts are sexualised, they always have been and probably always will be unless we accept nudity more openly.

“Breastfeeding in public more accepted in UK than before. I breastfed my children in public and never had any negative comments.

“When someone does have something happen in the public, like a negative reaction, it often makes the media

Most people don’t have problem breastfeeding in public.”

However, Phillip was keen to question if breastfeeding her partner was acceptable given that they are vegan.

“You’re vegan how does that work? Don’t humans count?” he demanded to know.

Shawn and Lana swiftly shut the host down insisting it was a matter of consent.

“Yeah but the thing is veganism is a movement to protect the animals,” Shawn stated. “She is a woman who is happy to breastfeed.”

Lana added: “It’s about consent,” as her partner continued: “When it comes to cow’s milk, the cow is perhaps not happy with the situation.

“In our case it’s all about consent. A vegan baby is going to breastfeed.”

Wanting to know more, Phillip asked if Lana’s breastmilk is used for “cornflakes or in the coffee”.

“It just goes straight into my mouth,” Shawn replied leaving the hosts speechless.

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