‘No doses!’ Nurse unveils issues with supply, not young people refusing Covid jab

Vaccinator discusses shortage of vaccine doses in pharmacies

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A nurse who calls herself a ‘Covid vaccinator’ has revealed she’s having to cancel people’s appointments because of an “erratic” supply of Pfizer jabs. When young people are blamed for not taking the vaccines, the real problem is actually due to a lack of doses.

The ‘Covid vaccinator’ told LBC’s radio presenter James O’Brien: “ I’m only working in a small pharmacy, but we’re doing 300 people a day, and young people seem to be quite keen, but there is a problem with supply.

“For example, in the clinic a few days ago, we did about 180 people just admitted at the clinic. On a Sunday it’s at least 280, but we don’t have enough supply now for Sunday because we didn’t get the vials of Pfzier that we needed for Sunday.

“So we’ve only got 167 shots available and we have to call people up to take them off the list.

The presenter then asked: “When did this start happening?”

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The nurse answered: “A few weeks ago because I know that other sites have had this happened to but it has never happened to us.”

James O’Brien interjected: “Is it because the AstraZeneca is not the one they want or they’ve been told that they’d be better off avoiding it so therefore this supply of Pfizer has become doubly valuable or more important?”

The nurse said in response: “I wouldn’t agree with that because we’ve been doing Pfizer for a long time now- mainly only Pfizer.

“And it is erratic. It doesn’t seem to follow. You’d imagine that would happen as soon as the regulation changed and asked the under 40s to take Pfizer.

“But it didn’t change, and the supply was fine then.”

She added: “The reasons are unknown to us. We’re never given the information.”

The government has announced that all 16 and 17-year-olds in the UK will start being offered a first dose of the Covid jab within weeks, after a recommendation from vaccine experts.

Previously, only under 18s who had certain health conditions were eligible for vaccination.

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The change in guidance means around 1.4 million teenagers will be eligible.

The UK Government said they would be following the advice from the JCVI. 

All over-12s are likely to be offered the vaccine later this year as scientific advisers become increasingly confident about the safety of the jabs.

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