News broadcast encounters awkward gaffe as autocue slides onto live show

ABC News was the talk of social media when an autocue machine appeared to make its way into a live broadcast on Tuesday evening.

The awkward moment happened when news anchor Celina Edmond's was addressing the Australian nation who have become the latest country to be infected by the South African strain of coronavirus.

However, seconds into her piece-to-camera, the large piece of equipment slowly made its way onto the set – settling right behind her.

The machinery remained stationary for several seconds before crossing over to stand alongside Celina's shoulder.

After noticing the awkward blunder, the autocue machine was swiftly moved away out of frame, without Celina batting an eyelid as she delivered the news.

Celina, who specialises in Disability Affairs was sharing the news that Australia had recorded its first positive test result for a patient who had contracted the new variant of coronavirus which is said to be more contagious than initially believed.

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She later went on to report that should cricket go ahead and be played in Sydney, the teams would be required to quarantine at a hotel before games.

Making light of the situation, Celena later took to Twitter, thanking ABC's producer for the mistake.

She said: "Thank you @AndrewRiddle36 you made my day! I spend almost 30 years in TV and THIS steals the limelight! I did think it might shove me off the set when it went off for a second run!"

Viewers of the national news programme also took to social media to make light of the situation, with one tweeting: "I love that you didn't flinch or falter, but also that you can have a laugh on Twitter with us about it."

A second added: "Well played, not even a raised eyebrow or glance of concern."

"You were absolutely stoic in your professionalism," said a third.

After one fan tweeted that they hadn't noticed the awkward moment, Celina replied: "When cameras go wild!! Got to admit, when it started on its merry way a second time, I did think it was about to take me out! Literally, shuffle me off the set!"

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