Netflix's Awake ending explained: What happens?

IF you struggle with insomnia or an irregular sleeping pattern, you may want to stay away from Netflix’s Awake.

Made available on the streaming platform this 9 June, 2021, the Mark Raso film’s ending has left viewers on the edge of their seats. 

What happened at the end of Netflix's Awake?

The movie stars Jane the Virgin’s one and only Gina Rodriguez as Jill along with Ariana Greenblatt and Lucius Hoyos as her two children, Matilda and Noah. 

In Awake, the world has been immersed into a sleep-deprived frenzy with Gina’s on-screen daughter being one of the only few people able to sleep. 

Why? The answer remains to be confirmed but when Matilda’s secret is found out, many (like Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Dr. Murphy) are willing to probe her and even sacrifice her to save the world’s sanity. 

Jill soon speculates that a full reset of the human body, aka dying and coming back to life, may well be the cure to the global state of insomnia. 

In order to save her daughter, Jill is ready to put her theory to the test by asking that both of her children drag her into a lake and drown her. Yes, really. 

Noah and Matilda only pull their mother out of the water when she stops breathing before trying to revive her with CPR. 

The screen goes black before Jill wakes up with a gasp of air suggesting that her son has managed to bring her back to life.

What is Netflix's Awake about?

After slipping into the shoes of Jane Villanueva, a young mother with a close-knitted family circle, Gina plays the role of a struggling single mother. 

Jill, an ex-soldier and former drug addict, is first separated from her children who both live with their grandmother. 

However, the trio come together when a mysterious global event prevents technology from working and people from sleeping. 

Jill, Matilda and Noah are all in a car when the incident – “a small solar flare” according to Dr. Murphy – occurs and crash into a lake. All three manage to survive. 

When she discovers her daughter’s ability to sleep, Jill is encouraged by a psychologist – played by Finn Jones – to bring Matilda to “the hub”, where she will be studied. 

Jill finds out another woman, also able to sleep, is already there and hopes that she can be an ally to her daughter. 

But with sleep being a primary need, people are gradually losing their minds and are ready to do anything to catch even a few minutes of sleep.

Will there be a season 2?

The nail-biting plot and cliffhanger have left Netflix viewers with bated breath, all wondering if a sequel to Awake is already in the works. 

Will Jill continue her fight against world sleep-deprivation? 

As of yet, the open-ended conclusion does not guarantee a follow-up to the insomnia apocalypse.

For now, director Mark Raso has not commented on a possible sequel but is already working on unrelated projects. 

According to The Cinema Holic, the Canadian filmmaker is working on a documentary and a TV pilot as well as an adaptation of a Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin novel. To be continued. 

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