Money Heist season 5: Who is the father of Sierra’s baby?

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Money Heist fans have been suspicious of police inspector Alicia Sierra (played by Najwa Nimri) ever since she was first introduced to the show in season three. One thing fans have been consistently confused about is the story behind her pregnancy in the series. Here’s everything revealed so far about who the father is.

Who is the father of Alicia Sierra’s baby in Money Heist?

The police inspector first appeared in season three with a vendetta against the Money Heist gang.

However, at the time little more was revealed about her, other than that she was heavily pregnant.

Given the mystery around her character, Sierra has been the subject of several fan theories since she was first introduced to the show.

One of the main questions has been over her pregnancy in the show so far.

Some fans wondered whether she was actually faking it while others were convinced the child may somehow be linked to the team.

However, it was only in season four when more was revealed about her backstory.

In episode four she revealed to the rest of her police department how the child was her late husband’s.

She told Libon (Itziar Ituño) how husband Gérman had died of cancer before giving a moving speech about him.


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Sierra said: “He’s dead. Cancer of the pancreas. The kind where they tell you you have two months and it’s two months.

“I was getting fat, he was getting thin. I was pink and he was yellow. It consumed him.

“Life grew inside me and death grew in him. But I guess that’s cancer.

“Do you know the last thing he said to me?

“Can you believe his last words were ‘Turn on the news.’”

However, viewers have never been shown who Gérman is in any pictures or flashbacks on the show.

This has led some to believe that he might somehow be Berlin (Pedro Alonso).

Fan Rufus1009 wrote on Reddit: “Sierra could be Berlin’s wife Tatiana (Diana Gómez).

“Both of them are redheads, we don’t know what happened to her after Berlin’s wedding.

“Sierra, while mentioning her husband’s name, called him Gérman, which sounds very similar to Germany, and Berlin is the capital city of Germany.

“Also she said that her husband died because of illness, which is similar to Berlin because he was ill and he would die anyway.”

However, other fans have pointed out how Tatiana and Sierra are played by different actors in the show.

As well as this, this theory would rest on none of Sierra’s colleagues ever meeting her husband.

Therefore, it seems like the truth about her backstory will only be revealed in season five of the series.

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are on Netflix now.

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