Meet the cast of ITV's Wild Bill – from Wayne's World actor Rob Lowe to Line of Duty star Tony Pitts

YEE-HA! Rob Lowe has crossed the pond to star in new ITV series Wild Bill which kicked off on June 13.

It may be set in the cold English countryside but it has a touch of Hollywood with the stetson-wearing icon starring, plus there are also some more recognisable faces on the show – here's the lowdown.

Who's in the cast of Wild Bill?

New ITV series Wild Bill is on screens at 9pm on Wednesday on ITV.

It features an all-star cast including Hollywood legend Rob Lowe and actors from top Brit shows such as Killing Eve, Line of Duty and Bodyguard.

So who are these people in the Lincolnshire town of Boston.

Find out below…

Rob Lowe as Bill Hixon

The Hollywood hunk takes on the title role and stars as American copper Bill Hixon, who's been flown over from Miami to the English town of Boston.

He's been wheeled in to take over the not-quite-Miami-level-glamorous position of Chief Constable of East Lincolnshire Police Force – where he's being tasked to stem the rising crime epidemic … And he's not too fussed about making pals on his new jaunt.

The character is escaping his painful past across the Pond, though viewers will have to wait and see what he's running away from.

Rob has become a Hollywood veteran since he made his acting debut at the age of 15 and has since starred in a variety of award-winning pieces of film and TV including St Elmo's Fire, The Outsiders and West Wing.

Rachael Stirling as Mary Harborough

Rachael stars as Mary Harborough QC – the local barrister and judge.

And she's one posh cookie as she's also part of an aristocratic family in Lincolnshire.

ITV has described the character as: "Beautiful, rebellious, and a fellow misfit, Bill will fall hard for Mary, and it will terrify him.

"She’s posh and flippant on the surface, but darker that you’d expect underneath. She’s captivating and has the wit to reduce men with a line.

"Someone who would make an impact anywhere in the world, it’s something of a mystery that she seems to have contented herself with Boston.”

The actress is the daughter of Bond Girl, Dame Diana Rigg, and theatre producer Archibald Stirling – the Laird of the Keir Estate in Stirling, Scotland.

Rachael starred as Nancy Astley in BBC drama Tipping The Velvet and has also appeared in Lewis, Doctor Who and The Bletchley Circle.

She's had roles in a collection of films over the years including Maybe Baby, The Triumph of Love and more recently Snow White and the Huntsman opposite Oscar winner Charlize Theron.

Aloreia Spencer as Kelsey Hixon

Aloreia plays Bill's teenage daughter and boy does she have some sass.

The 14-year-old's character has a quick tongue but  often uses sarcasm as a defence mechanism.

This may have stemmed from her mother's sudden death which had a profound impact on her.

ITV has described her as "emotionally raw" and "now alone with her Dad, she’s beginning to suspect he isn’t capable of being the understanding and giving parent she needs”.

This is newbie Aloreia's first screen credit, though surely not her last.

Bronwyn James as DC Muriel Yeardsley

Bronwyn plays eager beaver detective Muriel who comes from a local Lincolnshire farming family.

The character has been described as an idealist who is truly committed to the police force, believing that they have the power to make the world a better place.

And she's one of Bill's few supporters, immediately latching on to him, desperate to learn the trick of the trade from him.

Bronwyn starred in the 2018 Christmas special of Call the Midwife as well as The ABC Murders and Harlots.

Anjli Mohindra as ACC Lydia Price

ITV describes the Assistant Chief Constable as "pressed, polished, professional but under-appreciated.”

The career-driven officer is peeved when Bill swoops in as her boss as “she hates pretty much everything Bill stands for”.

The actress starred as train bomber Nadia in Bodyguard.

As well as Dark Heart, Midsomer Murders and The Missing to name a few.

Tony Pitts as Keith Metcalfe

ITV describes the Crime Commissioner Keith Metcalfe as "the first generation of a nouveau riche local industrial family"

They added: "He’s a man on the make and a shameless social climber, but he lacks the brains and drive of his father.

"He’s ambitious and arrogant, pompous and slippery.”

Tony is best known for starring as DCS Lester Hargreaves in the hugely popular Line of Duty.

Among his other credits are MotherFatherSon, Peaky Blinders and Jamestown.

The actor also starred in Star Wars' Rogue One as Captain Pterro.

He also played Archie Brooks in Emmerdale from 1983-1993.

Anthony Flanagan as PC Sean Cobley

The PC has been described by ITV as "a wiry, punchy, grizzled street cop" who "doesn't suffer fools".

And Sean is one of many not thrilled by Chief Constable Bill's arrival.

And this isn't the first time Anthony has portrayed a policeman – he also played a copper in Channel 4's Shameless.

The actor has also starred in Versailles, Gentleman Jack and The Terror.

Divian Ladwa as PC Drakes

PC Drakes plays sidekick to PC Sean Cobley, as a junior member of the policing team.

He fancies himself a bit of a joker but also takes his career seriously, though according to ITV he is "very much a follower rather than a leader".

Divian has quite the impressive resumé.

The actor has starred in the Oscar-nominated flick Lion but that's not his only taste of the silver screen, he's also starred in Marvel movies Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Aleksander Jovanovic as Oleg Kraznov

ITV has described Oleg as "a Russian who has become the pre-eminent in the local community.

"Neither a thug nor a refined villain, he’s intelligent and resourceful enough that he could start a criminal enterprise anywhere in the world.

"He has a talent for finding people’s weak spots… Oleg is an ambitious man and has made it his mission to destroy Bill.”

German actor Aleksander has featured in The Lost City of Z alongside Twilight's Robert Pattinson,  as well as Doctor Who and Cold Feet.

Angela Griffin as Lisa Cranston

Lisa has been described by ITV as a "bloodhound".

The character is a reporter for local paper The Boston Stump and is "smart, worldy, and a force of nature" who can " sniff out the headlines before they happen".

Angela is best known for playing Fiona Middleton in Coronation Street.

But she's also had parts in Cutting It, Holby City, Turn Up Charlie and Lewis.

As well as regularly appearing daytime shows such as Loose Women.

Vicki Pepperdine as Broadbent

Broadbent is the local pathologist in Lincolnshire and she has a wicked sense of humour to boot.

Actress Vicki has appeared in The Woman in White, The Windsors and Cuckoo to name a few.

Susan Lynch as Angie

The case of Angie's missing daughter Mel has been left unsolved for years.

But now there's a development in the case.

Actress Susan starred as Anna in Killing Eve.

And has also appeared in Doctor Who and Happy Valley.

The actress is married to Line of Duty's Craig Parkinson – who also features in one episode of Wild Bill.

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