Maya and Jacob plot double Emmerdale exit

Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) has pledged his future to manipulative child abuser Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) in Emmerdale, promising her that if she doesn’t go to prison after her court hearing that he is willing to give up his friends, family and home to be with her.

Jacob spotted Maya being attacked by a group of girls and he stepped in and ordered them to back off. He eventually got into Maya’s car with her and told her how much he missed and loved her. She replied that she could go to prison and admitted her fears but he told her that no matter what happened, he would wait for her.

Still unable to stop grooming Jacob, Maya said to the teenager that he is the only one who understands her as she complained that she had lost everything. Desperate as ever to impress her, Jacob waived away her doubts that he’d be able to leave his family behind for good.

As the pair embraced, their plan was in place – the very next day they’ll be leaving Emmerdale. The only thing that seems set to put paid to their plan is if Maya is incarcerated.

Will the fact that she has been with Jacob again and hatched this plan come back and haunt her – and lead to a custodial sentence?

Or will she evade justice and flee the village with Jacob?

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