Masked Singer Poodle’s real identity ‘exposed’ by TikTok star as Keane legend

A TikTok star claims he has worked out which celeb is Poodle on The Masked Singer by cracking new clues.

Matthew Seaman is convinced it is Keane singer Tom Chaplin hiding in the colourful costume.

We can reveal a clue he has now spotted was when Poodle said: “I’ve been on long walkies.”

This could be because Keane’s famous song Somewhere Only We Know is about a long walk.

Matthew has also spotted another big clue — that Tom has a dog as a pet and was once in a music video featuring lots of puppies.

Another clue is that on last weekend’s show, Poodle sang Rocketman, which could link to Tom being pals with Sir Elton John.

Matthew told Daily Star Online: “I am confident that Poodle is Tom Chaplin. ITV are clearly hoping we think it’s Paul O’Grady or John Barrowman. But even in week one, there are already so many specific links to Chaplin and Keane.

“I’m interested in pursuing it to see if we can join the dots every week. But I’d say I’m 90% certain that it’s him, at this early stage.”

Fans have also guessed Poodle could be Take That frontman Gary Barlow.

Matthew made headlines during last year’s series when he made a string of videos predicting Sausage was singer Joss Stone.

During the final it was confirmed that he was right when she was finally unmasked and crowned winner.

Matthew hopes his excellent detective skills won’t ruin the fun for viewers.

He said: “It’s just a fun guessing game. We all need a bit of fun and entertainment now. I’d never try to spoil the show. I’m just a fan.”

Show star Davina McCall has admitted the game is harder than ever this series because producers made the clues tougher.

She told the Daily Star Sunday: “I go to bed every night thinking about the clues and the voices. It goes round in my head.

“And then the next day you write down all the names you’ve thought of and then one of the contestants starts to sing and you end up crossing them out. You think, ‘I don’t know what I was thinking guessing that person!’.

“I keep going down the wrong route. We really struggled with the guesses this series.”

The Masked Singer UK continues Saturday night on ITV

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