Married At First Sight's Morag reveals she only had sex with Luke once and slams him as 'fake'

MARRIED At First Sight's Morag has blasted her ex-husband Luke after he accused her of "faking" their final vows.

The 31-year-old attempted to defend herself after their heated row on the Reunion show.

Luke was praised for finally standing up to his ex who fans said had "bullied" him throughout the series over his appearance.

After dumping him on the phone once filming had ended, Morag was surprised when Luke confronted her in front of the experts.

Now she's hit out in a scathing interview with MailOnline, saying: "My vows were real. He was referring to a telephone conversation that happened when I was ending the relationship.

"He said that apparently I said 'it was only a TV show', which was utter lies. He sat there and lied through his teeth on that sofa, which is why I was shocked and I couldn't get my words out. I was flabbergasted and I didn't know who that person was.

 "I was so shocked by the man that was at the reunion, I didn't know who that person was.

"Everyone still thought he was this nice guy, and I was like he must be joking? I was shocked."

She also told how the couple only had sex one after their night of passion when Luke gave her a sexy lapdance.

Morag said: "It felt like a breakthrough but that was just for that one night. I got to a point where I thought this marriage could work. However, it was always me putting in the effort emotionally and physically and I wasn't getting that back."

Sadly it wasn't love at first sight when Morag met Luke at the alter.

She said "he isn't what I ordered" and attacked his appearance by saying: "You're not my type, you don't turn me on".

Luke was left "heartbroken", asking his wife: "What more can I do? I've changed my image."

Viewers called for producers to do more to "protect his mental health" after the Welshman admitted his confidence had taken a battering from Morag.

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