Married at First Sight UK: Who is still together and where are they now?

MARRIED at First Sight UK was filmed earlier this year, so viewers of course want to know what happened once the cameras stopped filming.

Are any of the Married at First Sight UK couples still together? Here's the latest…

Married at First Sight UK: Who is still together and where are they now?

Megan and Bob

Megan and Bob are no longer together.

They decided to leave before their second ceremony after they failed to see the potential of becoming more than just friends.

Their relationship was already off to a rocky start after Megan kissed co-star Jordon, but Bob tried his best to look past this.

Since leaving the show, despite Megan living in Stoke, she has spent a lot of time down in London.

She has still confirmed that she is an actress and wellness coach and posts regular Instagram updates of her journey.

Since the filming of MAFS UK Bob has been enjoying time with his friends and family. 

He celebrated his 27th birthday in Bournemouth with his close mates before venturing on a big night out. 

Bob is also spotted spending time in London which could indicate the pair are still on friendly terms.

Franky and Marilyse

Franky and Marilyse quickly bonded and their relationship quickly turned into love.

The only concern for Franky was when Marilyse said that he wished to settle down in the sun somewhere hot, as he currently lived in Dubai.

She also had further doubts when he mentioned that he would prefer someone without kids.

Franky had been spotted back in Dubai filming as a fitness coach, whilst Marilyse had been spotted spending time in London with her friends.

Despite this, the couple have been posting each other on their Instagram the last two weeks in locations not known for the filming of MAFS UK which indicates that the pair are still together. 

Morag and Luke

Morag and Luke got off to a rocky start after she made it clear Luke just wasn't her type. 

She mentioned how she had a checklist for what her ideal partner would be like and appearance wise, Luke just wasn't doing it for her. 

"I spend a lot of time around people who care about what they actually look like. I literally go for the same type of guy all the time, I go to the gym everyday and [I'm] surrounded by all these gym bods," Morag told Luke. "I need sexual attraction."

The pair also hit a rock in the road after Morag discussed that she didn't want children, leaving Luke to make the hard decision between her or having children in the future.

Luke has since come out and announced that he is in love with Morag and is willing to sacrifice this for her. 

The pair have decided to look past each other's faults and continue on their romance journey.

Morag and Luke have both returned to their day jobs as a veterinary nurse and firefighter.

Alexis and Ant

Alexis and Ant were off to a good start with their marriage, but the dumping of their co-stars, Jordan and Nikita, they soon realised they were better off as friends.

After leaving the show, Alexis said on Instagram: "We may not have found love with each other but we leave the experiment wiser & stronger as individuals with no hard feelings or hate in our hearts for one another."

Alexis appears to have gone back to modelling with regular updates on her Instagram. 

There is no sign of Ant or any man on her Instagram.

Ant has also appeared to be modeling. He is currently back home in Manchester, which is pretty far away from Alexis in London. 

Matt and Daniel

Matt and Daniel had a heartbreaking ending after Daniel made it clear he will be staying in his hometown in Ireland.

There's very little information about how these two are getting along, but we can only guess that because of the long distance, they have decided to remain as friends. 

Both Matt and Daniel don’t follow eachother on Instagram.

Dans Instagram has been flooded with travel photos and beautiful coastal views from mainly across Northern Ireland.

They both have been sharing their time together on their socials. In-line with every stage that has been played.

Amy and Josh

You could say Amy and Josh were polar opposites when it comes to how they go about a relationship.

Amy made it clear that she is ready to get “everything done with”, whilst Josh mentioned that it usually takes him up to a year before he tells his partner he loves them.

Amy was close to leaving her relationship with Josh after she felt her needs aren't getting met, this seemed to wake Josh up, and he has agreed to start putting more effort into their relationship.

During their final date, the pair discussed their outcome. 

Josh asks Amy if she would say they are in love with each other to which Amy replied: “we are getting there”, Josh agreed.

The experts then decided to add the pressure onto the couple by asking about the prospect of children to which Josh stated: "Look, let us move in together, we'll take it step by step, if that works then we'll talk about kids." He then walked away from the chat.

Tayah and Adam

Tayah and Adam were a match made in heaven, and even the experts were in awe of how in love the newlyweds had become.

They constantly keep their Instagram up to date with pictures of them both which gives us the impression that the future for these two is looking good.

The pair have even admitted they have had the talk about kids, and everything is looking very positive for their relationship.

Jordon and Nikita

Jordon and Nikita are no longer together.

They chose to leave the experiment after their relationship collapsed following their wedding day.

Although they have parted ways, they have been spotted enjoying life with their family and friends, shown on their Instagrams.

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