MAFS UK fans cringe over Whitney’s unusual nickname for husband Duka

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Married At First Sight fans were left “cringing” on the latest episode of the Channel 4 series after Whitney called husband Duka by a very “bizarre” nickname.

The newlyweds have not seen eye-to-eye since they got hitched several weeks ago, with Whitney accusing Duka of not being “real” and being a “showman.”

But Whitney appeared to take it too far with fans when she labelled him by a weird new nickname and creeped out viewers.

During a sit down with the cameras, Whitney referred to Duka “The kid” several times when talking about him, instead of using his real name.

Fans took to social media to react.

“Why does Whitney persist in calling Duka "the kid "? it’s just creepy,” blasted one viewer.

A second also asked: “Whitney, the fact that you refer to Duka as "the kid" says it all.”

A third penned: “I hate Whitney so much! Here’s an idea, stop referring to him as a “kid””The episode saw the couples take part in a challenge where they were asked to name three things they loved and hated about each other.

George was left reeling after April told him she hates when he doesn’t trust her.

George referenced an old fling she had with an ex and his discovery that had underplayed the seriousness of their relationship.

April argued that she “doesn’t need” to tell him every detail about her past relationships and it “doesn’t matter” and he should trust her and focus on the future.

George stormed out and had a heart-to-heart with Adrian, while April confided in Whitney that his jealousy is pushing her away.

Fans were torn over the pair’s spat, with fans siding with both parties.

“It was a lie by omission April. They just need to part company right now. For the good of George's fragile mental health as he's obviously got a lot of work to do to on himself before he's ready to date again. April is far from innocent too! “ said one fan.

Another argued: “George comes across as controlling and patronising with poor listening skills. He can't be lecturing a full grown woman like a child. He needs to go sort himself out.”

A third blasted: “George is a grown arse man for crying out loud! Red flags! Red flags!”

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