Machete killer who butchered OAP Nicholas Churton ‘trying to impress girl, 15’

Jordan Davidson held the small Welsh town of Wrexham in the grip of terror for weeks.

He violently attacked people as they went about their business before butchering OAP former restaurateur Nicholas Churton in his own home and going on the run.

Davidson had threatened Nicholas, 67, on at least three separate occassions, scaring the 67-year-old so badly that he begged the police for help.

But his cries for help fell on deaf ears and on March 27, 2017, Davidson barged into Nicholas' home and hacked him to death with a machete.

He cut off the defenceless pensioner's head and then chopped off his arm and leg before fleeing to Chester where his violent crime spree showed no sign of abating.

Police launched a huge manhunt and eventually tracked Davidson down – but he wouldn't surrender to custody without a fight.

Officers now believe Davidson was planning to kill one of their colleagues so police would have no choice but to shoot him dead.

The cold-blooded killer hadn't counted on the bravery of the arresting officers, who managed to bring him into custody.

When police traced the BMW he had used to escape justice, Davidson was hiding under a duvet in the back of the car.

PC David Hall was one of those on the scene, along with his colleague, Rhys Rushby.

PC Hall said: "I could literally just see a hand moving in the back, so I remember banging on the window and that’s when I’ve saw him winding the window down because it was an old car.

"I’ve asked him what his name is, he’s given me his name, he’s given me his date of birth. I remember writing it on my hand.

"That’s when I’ve heard the click of the door and for me it was a decision I had to make of do we keep him in the car or do we try and get him out. So my decision was just to get him out.

"I remember unzipping him, pulling his hood off, and he turned his head away. Soon as I saw him do that, I thought, ‘I know who you are and you’re Jordan Davidson'."

Davidson pulled out a claw hammer and raise it above his head.

PC Rushby said: "And as he’s brought his hand back out, I’ve grabbed hold of it and there’s been a blanket covering his hand so I couldn’t see what he had, I could just feel that he had his fist clenched and turning whatever it was towards me, saying, 'I’ve got a gun, I’m gonna shoot ya, I’m gonna kill ya'."

Without thinking, PC Hall fired his Taser into the back of the car while PC Rushby dragged Davidson out of the car.

With the help of other officers, who were now arriving at the scene, the killer was arrested and cuffed.

Davidson is now behind bars and won't be considered for parole for at least 30 years.

But what drove the now 28-year-old to kill an innocent and kind-hearted pensioner and hold a town in his icy grip of fear?

Nicholas had told Davidson on his three previous visits to his home that he had no money and stole relatively little in the mini crime waves he had used to terrorise Wrexham.

Described as "fond of knives" and a "low level criminal", Davidson had committed 38 offences by the time he was 23.

Following his release from prison in 2014 he carried out a series of burglaries by smashing windows and stealing property.

It left Wrexham in fear, but he was soon jailed and behind bars for three years.

But following an early release he was soon back on the streets of Wrexham and just days after his first taste of freedom, he is thrown out of a nightclub following a fight.

The row doesn't end when the men lead the club and now Davidson is caught brandishing a knife, which he throws into a bush when police turn up.

Despite being arrested for breaching the conditions of his parole, Davidson is relased on bail on March 19.

On March 22, he tries to burgle the home of Robert Simmons, who was in the shower when Davidson walked through his open front door.

After frightening the would-be burglar, Robert didn't notice his keys – and car – had vanished until it was too late.

Davidson has soon crashed the car and after laying low for a few days, marches into a hairdresser's while brandishing a machete but people from nearby shops come to help and he flees.

Just two days later he strikes again, this time targeting pensioner Michael Rogers.

Michael said: "I saw a chap coming towards me with a hood on and he said to me, “Have you got a light?” I said, 'no, I’m sorry, I don’t smoke'.

"And then I walked maybe five or 10 yards and all of a sudden I felt this arm round my throat and then he threw me to the ground.

"He left me on the ground and started shouting at me, 'look at me, look at me', he says, 'I’m gonna cut your head off'.

"And I just said to him, 'why me? I’m an old-age pensioner, I’ve got nothing, why me? I don’t know you.”

"He then took a big blade out of his jacket and he said, 'I’m gonna cut your head off', and I just laid there hoping it would all finish, if you like.

"Now, when that happened, this girl shouted. I didn’t see her, I don’t know who she is, 'what do you think you’re doing?' He didn’t answer her but he went over to her.

"I then scramble to my feet and walked away. If that girl hadn’t been there, I think he would’ve killed me."

Michael fled through the park and didn't look back. Davidson didn't attack the girl who had approached him.

But after analysing Davidson's mobile phone activity, police discovered he was planning even more violent crimes.

He had been sending messages to a local 15-year-old girl, who he seemed to be obsessed with and was desperate to impress.

In them, Davidson said "Wat u gunna do wiv why a self wen iam gone? Gone not around anymore finished dead. I’m guna make it guarantee u armed police are guna Av to finish me off.”

“I’ve gone up a level… you'll see. I’ve got my new toy here, a Machete. I’m going to come and show you what I’m about.

"Watch out. Be careful, I’m coming for you now."

Just after his attack on the hair salon, Davidson sent "“Wanna see wat am about to do. I am about  to cross n even bigger line.

“I am abt to seal my fate wiv da shooters once I’ve killed dey will take no chances bullets dead."

By now the whole local area was afraid but Davidson had one final victim in his sights – Nicholas Churton.

The former restaurateur had had some financial difficulties and was living in a small flat when Davidson knocked on his door and asked to use the toilet.

Nicholas' brother, James, said he was "vulnerable" but "would open the door to anyone".

Agter letting Davidson into his home the criminal pulled out a hammer and demanded money.

When Nicholas told him he didn't have any, Davidson left only to return a few days later. In total he called on the OAP at least three times.

Each time Nicholas contacted the police but officers did not visit the pensioner.

At 8pm on March 23, 2017, he visited Nicholas for the final time.

The pensioner's brother, James, said: "He broke in, well, the door was probably open, knowing Nick, with a machete and hacked him to death.

"He was an evil man. Not only did he hack, you know, I mean, this is fairly severe stuff Nick wouldn’t have lifted an arm to anyone. He was very peaceful guy.

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