‘Lucifer’ Season 6 Trailer Reveals a New Foe on the Throne of Hell and Wild Final Season for Fans

Season 5 of Lucifer was not the end of Lucifer Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) story, as fans believed. It was announced at the 2021 San Diego Comic-Con that the hit show would get one more season to tie up any loose ends and introduce new storylines. The confirmation of Season 6 was posted on the show’s official Twitter captioned with “Let’s be bad one more time.”

Netflix has released two teaser trailers for the upcoming season set to premiere September 10 with the latest one revealing a new foe that will give the main characters hell. Fans are in for a wild ride full of intrigue, romance, drama, and even murder.

Lucifer got a new throne in Season 5

Die-hard fans have seen Lucifer’s character evolve from being a self-centered playboy with a sleek Corvette to becoming a genuinely good person who learns how to love. Season 5B upped the ante as God (Dennis Haysbert) came down from heaven to visit his sons and Lucifer. God’s arrival created immense tension as Lucifer still held resentment toward his father.

Lucifer and the rest of the characters soon learn why God came to visit, which leads to war amongst the angels. God decides it is time to step down from the throne, and the only two successors are Lucifer and Michael (Tom Ellis). Since Lucifer does not have the best track record with his family, most siblings side with Michael.

The ruler of hell, Lucifer, wants the throne for a reason not many expected. Lucifer believes he would finally be worthy of Chloe’s (Lauren German) love by becoming God. Michael does the unthinkable in the final battle and kills Chloe, forcing Lucifer to sacrifice himself for love and venture to the Silver City to bring her back. After saving Chloe, Lucifer grants Michael mercy despite his wrongdoings leading his siblings to accept him as the new ruler of heaven.

There’s a new angel on hell’s throne

The latest trailer for Season 6 of Lucifer revealed a new character that fans would have never expected. In the trailer, fans see someone sitting on Lucifer’s throne in hell, later revealed as Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), Lucifer’s rebellious younger sister. According to CBR, the character was introduced in still images of the upcoming season, but fans finally got to see her in action in the new trailer.

Rory made her intentions clear in the trailer as she wants to “destroy Lucifer Morningstar”. The teen character is determined to raise some hell and cause trouble as her once big bad older brother is no longer the person she thought he was. Clad in platform boots, dark makeup, and blood-red wings, Rory will give the main characters a hard time.

What can fans expect from the final season?

The trailer gave fans a lot of context to what Season 6 has in store before saying goodbye to the show. Besides the arrival of Rory, Lucifer seems hesitant to commit to his new role as God fully. A world with no God only leads to chaos as the balance of the universe goes awry, and the laws of nature break down.

Amongst the chaos, fans will still get to see Maze (Lesley Ann-Brandt) continue her relationship with Eve (Inbar Levi) and even become a crime-fighting duo. To add more drama to the season, Lucifer, Chloe, and the rest of the characters are still entangled in solving murder cases. The biggest surprise of all from the trailer is the return of Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro), who supposedly met his end in Season 5B.

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