Love Island’s Elma breaks down in tears over Amy and Curtis’ ‘horrible heartbreak’ chat

Emotions ran high on last night’s episode of Love Island.

Amy Hart, 26, decided to bow out from the show following her split from Curtis Pritchard, 23.

It was reported the former air hostess was seeking therapy from Love Island’s mental heath team in order to deal with the shock break up, however, the blonde beauty decided it was time to leave the villa in order to get over her former flame.

During the honest chat with Curtis on the terrace, she explained she had to check out from the villa in order for him to pursue other romances.

She said: “I’m going to let you pursue whoever it is and let you find what you’ve looking for. You can’t do that with me here, and I can’t heal living in the same house at the moment.

“Once this is all done, we will have the best friendship you’ve ever seen in your life.”

It all got too much for viewers of the show who were left in floods of tears after they hailed Amy “a queen” for her “gracious speech.”

And former Love Islander Elma Pazar let the floodgates open when she witnessed her former pal walk away from the show.

Revealing she has been an “emotional wreck”, she said: “Amy calling Curtis for a chat on the terrace broke my heart watching it.

“I cried, it’s just horrible. Heartbreak is so horrible. Amy just handled it like an absolute queen.”

“I’m so proud of her because in a situation like that when you can’t really escape the best thing to do is to remove yourself.

“She stayed true to herself and I don’t think that anyone can fault her for that.

Slamming Maura for making a beeline for Curtis so soon after the split, she said: “I do think had Maura not jumped into her bed before it was even cold, it might have made the situation a little easier for Amy if she waited a little bit, which she obviously didn’t. “

Love Island airs tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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