Love Island’s Curtis caught out ‘lying’ by furious Amy after secret signal

Curtis Pritchard is caught out by half-girlfriend Amy Hart on tonight's Love Island .

The girls pucker up for a kissing contest, which goes horribly wrong for Curtis when he locks lips with new girl Arabella Chi.

Curtis only gives Amy a measly seven out of ten, then awards Arabella a perfect score, admitting: "Good connection. It was a ten."

In the Beach Hut, fuming Amy says: “Curtis gave supermodel Arabella a ten because it was a great connection. And he gave me a seven so that’s not cool.”

Curtis tries to downplay the incident and claims it was an innocent 'mistake', but he is exposed by Amy.

The dancer is keen to squash the issue immediately but Amy is annoyed that Curtis didn’t know it was her.

The air hostess reveals that she actually gave Curtis a secret signal so that he knew she was kissing him.

She explains: “I scratched your neck like I always do, so you knew it was me. And then you gave me a seven and rated everyone else really high.”

It seems Curtis either didn't recognise the signal or did know it was Amy and decided to award her a seven anyway.

Getting defensive, Curtis insists: “I didn’t know that it was you.”

The rest of the boys tease Curtis after taking off their blinds and realising he mistook Arabella's kiss for Amy's one.

Amy doesn't seem convinced by his excuses and the couple are definitely on the rocks.

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Luckily for Curtis, he is given opportunity to win back Amy's affection on a dinner date.

He is desperate to redeem himself after his inexcusable "mistake" and begs for forgiveness.

Will Amy let him out of the dog house?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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