Love Island's Amy Hart reveals NHS nurses trolled her over the size of her legs

LOVE Island star Amy Hart revealed her horror at discovering some of her online trolls were NHS nurses. 

The 28-year-old appeared at Cambridge Union last week to discuss mental health after her time on the ITV2 show, and during the discussion opened up about dealing with bullies who come for her online. 

Calling for social media platforms to connect accounts to real people in a bid to curb anonymous hatred, Amy said: “I’ve had really awful comments from people and we’re in lockdown – I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. 

“So I’ve set up a Facebook and started searching these people, and they’re all like nurses and stuff. What are you doing? One said I had awful legs.” 

“I hope she doesn’t go to her patients and say ‘Madam, you’ve got awful legs. We can’t do your blood pressure today because you’ve got bingo wings’,” she added. 

During the discussion at Cambridge Uni, Amy was joined by follow former islanders Yewande Biala and Rosie Williams to discuss their mental health after their stay in the villa. 

In the blunt discussion, Rosie revealed she told show bosses to 'get her off set' after reaching 'breaking point' during one of the challenges.   

Yewande also spoke about feeling singled out in the villa, discussing how Lucie Donlan refused to call her by her name. 

While she didn’t directly call out Lucie during the discussions, Yewande was previously supported by Amy and Amber Gill during an online row with Lucie on the same issue. 

"A lot of people don't think it's a thing but it affects so many people from minorities and they go away thinking, 'I can't really address that. That's not really a thing or I shouldn't say much I don't want to seem like a drama queen,'" she explained at Cambridge Union. 

"Sometimes you might not know it's a microaggression but it makes you feel horrible inside, and you know that person shouldn't have said that, but you don't know how to handle it."

"It's so important to have someone that's able to stand up and say, 'No you shouldn't feel like this. That's a microaggression'," she added. 

Love Island returns later this year on ITV2.

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