Love Island's Amber Gill slams Molly-Mae Hague's 'damaging' 'same 24 hours' comment and says success is 'down to luck'

LOVE Island winner Amber Gill has called Molly-Mae Hague's "same 24 hours" comments "damaging" and "unfair" in a new YouTube video.

The Geordie lass, who shot to fame alongside Molly-Mae on the 2019 edition of Love Island, said because of her mixed race background she was unable to share her friend's view.

She was responding to Molly-Mae's controversial Diary of a CEO podcast appearance in which Molly said everyone "has the same 24 hours in a day" and it is down to the individual to work their way to success.

The PrettyLittleThing creative director received a major backlash from listeners for failing to acknowledge the opportunities being on Love Island gave her.

In her first vlog of the year, Amber said it was a hot topic among her own fans.

She said: "I'm just gonna get on to this as it's the main thing everyone's asking about and it's the trending topic and asking do we all have the same 24 hours in the day?

"The short answer is no, but I will say I don't believe in inciting hatred, trolling or jumping on anyone in the public eye so that's why I normally like to chat on stories and weigh in, but I'm very conscious that when people are piling in on top of somebody that I don't want to add fuel to that fire."

After hammering home that online abuse is unacceptable, she continued: "Because I come from a mixed race background and I can see different perspectives I don't have that view.

"Social inequality is a massive thing whether its race, gender, sexual orientation, anything like that. to say we all have a level playing field is very damaging…

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"I'm very fortunate. I fell into Love island because I'm deemed 'attractive', which is luck."

Amber acknowledged that she and other reality stars do work hard – but criticised Molly's lack of awareness of people from different socio-economic backgrounds.

She said: "I'm not saying it's not hard work to get where you are even in this industry because it does and it does take determination, but it's very damaging to say we all have the same 24 hours because we don't.

"It's not really fair to say we all have the 24 hours. Essentially, technically everyone has 24 hours in day but do we have the same access?

"Even if it's supportive parents, or even having parents or having a place to live not having to choose between your heating or feed your kids or affording clothing or education or just being able to afford everything to achieve a good standard of life."

Insisting that Molly-s comments were borne from naivety rather than malice, she continued: "It's such a difficult topic of conversation, and do I think Molly meant any harm or malice? No. I do see what she's saying that all Love Islanders have the same 24 hours to do what they need to do, fair enough. 

"But everyone across the world? Definitely not, and that's just my opinion."

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