Love Island viewers spot recoupling 'clue' Jake wanted to split Liam and Millie by encouraging him to cheat

LOVE Island viewers have spotted another "clue" that Jake Cornish wanted to split Liam Reardon and Millie Court up.

Viewers took to Twitter to rage at the 24-year-old water engineer for smirking and laughing after Lillie told Millie about Liam's betrayal in Casa Amor during the dramatic recoupling last night.

"Jake is that friend who encourages you to do something wrong, then laughs at you when you get in trouble," one viewer tweeted.

"Jake trying not to laugh right as Millie finds out about the kiss. I’ve never seen such a smug little man. Biggest game player they’ve ever had," another added.

"Jake is doing evil laugh," another tweeted.

Liam walked back into the main villa alone last night and chose to recouple with Millie – leaving Lillie for dust.

But their reunion was far from sweet after Lillie told the shocked Islanders exactly what Liam had been up to in Casa Amor.

Millie was left in floods of tears as she struggled to come to terms with Liam's betrayal.

"The way Jake is trying not to laugh when his plan to set Liam up worked," a third wrote.

Earlier this week, after a lot of 'will they, won't they?', Liam finally caved to his desires and kissed Lillie while Millie waited back for him back at the main Villa.

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While fans were reeling from the shocking moment, they quickly got distracted by Jake who happened to conveniently walk past the pair in the midst of their snog.

He acted shocked and awkward, rushing past saying "I don't know where to go".

But fans accused him of enjoying the moment too much because they believed he's been "playing the game" the whole time in order to win the prize £50,000 prize money.

"Jake was laughing at how easily he's won the show kmt," wrote on Twitter user.

Another added: "Jake walked past Liam kissing Lillie and started seeing pound signs in his eye."

And a third wrote: "Jake looking at Liam kissing Lillie thinking about the 50k he’s going to win."

It comes after fans called for Jake to be booted out the villa for encouraging the boys to cheat in Casa Amor.

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