Love Island race row boils over as viewers claim Kaz and Tyler were given less airtime

LOVE Island race row has boiled over after viewers claimed that Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank were given less airtime.

ITV2 fans flocked to social media suggesting that producers pushed for Millie Court and Liam Reardon to win.

The Essex beauty and the Welsh hunk were crowned the winners in an emotional finale last night.

Viewers were torn over the winning couple, claiming that the Kaz and Tyler didn't have enough screen time, after coming 4th place.

One wrote: "Kaz and Tyler 4TH?!!! Alongside the blatant racism and misogynoir, the producers have cut and edited them off our screens.

"Have painted kaz to be a villain, when Matt didn't even want to be near her to begin with. They talked trash about them both in aftersun."

Another shared: "Racism In The UK Puts Love Island’s Kaz and Tyler in 4th Place but voted Liam who cheating on Millie after 2 weeks of them being together… #LoveIsland."

A third added: "The only explanation for Kaz & Tyler coming in fourth is racism bc why would anybody vote Faye and a Teddy over them????? #LoveIsland."

A fourth raged: "Think this is truly the last time I’m watching this show. The negative propaganda against Kaz & Tyler ,the racism, micro aggressions and biases was a lot #LoveIsland

Some fans were not happy after bricklayer Liam was branded a snake for cheating on Millie with Lillie Haynes at Casa Amor stage of the series.

But the Liam won Millie's heart back after he’d snogged Lillie and said she was the one for him.

Millie’s family has also been charmed by the builder, with her mum Esme saying the builder could move in to the family home if he wanted to be closer to her daughter.

She told The Sun: “I think he is a really nice guy and I think he is genuine.

“From what I’ve seen of him, he seems like a really sweet boy.”

Love Island has so far crowned seven lucky winning couples over the years.

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