Love Island Mary and Dale favourites to be dumped in brutal double exit twist

Love Island fans were left on the edge of their seats on Sunday night, after presenter Laura Whitmore revealed that two islanders will be heading home with immediate effect.

Last week, viewers were asked to vote for two of their favourite islanders on the show. But on Sunday, Laura announced that six contestants received the lowest votes and were in the bottom – leaving the safe islanders with the hefty decision of choosing who should leave.

But as fans try to work out who is most likely to receive the chop, betting company Ladbrokes has provided their odds on who they believe will be leaving tonight's episode.

The villa residents that are currently in the bottom six are Dale Mehmet, Tyler Cruickshank, Jake Cornish, Kaz Kamwi, Abi Rawlings and Mary Bedford.

But who will be leaving the show, Alex Apati of Ladbrokes has provided the bookies predictions.

Dale Mehmet – 4/6

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Bombshell Dale hasn't been on the show for very long and is a likely candidate to leave Love Island tonight.

Since his time in the villa, Dale has been partnered with Chloe Burrows, but the pair quickly called it off after the recoupling as they failed to find a mutual connection with each other.

Not letting this affect them, both Chloe and Dale quickly moved on, with Dale finding a connection with both Abi Rawlings and Mary Bedford.

But things became rather awkward for Dale when Abi chose him in the recent recoupling, leaving Mary shattered.

Despite this, Mary still continued to get to know him and the pair have shared several kisses, but will she leave with him if he does get kicked off?

Tyler Cruickshank – 5/4

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Tyler has had a rather rocky start in the Love Island process which has left fans rather unsure on whether he is genuine.

Bombshell Tyler originally coupled up with Kaz in the show but when he was whisked away to Casa Amor he found a connection with Clarisse Juliette and decided to couple up with her instead.

But things became rather forced between Tyler and Clarisse and Tyler started to pursue his old flame Kaz once again.

Due to Kaz being coupled with Matthew MacNabb at the time, things became tense in the villa. But will his fellow islanders choose to keep him?

Jake Cornish – 8/1

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Jake's time in the villa has been pretty much smooth sailing from the beginning, as he found a connection and partnered with Liberty Poole from day one.

Though fans have always been fairly sceptical regarding his intentions, Liberty and Jake hit a bump in the road last week during the movie challenge which revealed Jake's previous thoughts towards his beau.

But due to the fact that he's been in the show since the beginning and he his partnered with Liberty, the odds reveal that he is likely to survive tonight's dumping.

Mary Bedford- 4/6

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Mary is another islander who hasn't been on the show for very long which may be a catalyst for why her fellow islanders might choose to bid her farewell.

Mary first coupled up with Toby when he decided to bring her back to the main villa from Casa Amor.

But as soon as she entered the main villa, Toby quickly had a change of heart and opted to pursue things once again with Chloe Burrows.

Shocked by his abrupt decision, Mary found a connection with Dale but was left heartbroken when she was unable to recouple with him.

But will the islanders think it would be best for Dale and Mary to finally couple up and leave together.

Abigail Rawlings- 6/5

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Abi has had a rather unlucky time since she entered the villa and has failed to find a lasting connection with any of the male islanders.

Even though she is popular with viewers at home, Abi has really found any luck and is currently in a loveless partnership with Dale.

So due to the fact that she has no one that is currently interested in her, will the islanders decided to let her go?

Kaz Kamwi 10/1

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Day one villa resident Kaz has been a very popular islander throughout this year's series.

But fans became rather confused when Kaz treated bombshell Matthew quite poorly during their short-lived relationship.

After feeling heartbroken by Tyler's decision to recouple with Clarisse, it became clear to fans that Kaz may have used Matthew as a rebound and wanted Tyler back in her bed.

Now that she has rekindled her relationship with Tyler, it is likely that her fellow islanders may choose to keep the couple's romance alive and well in the villa.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: "Tyler has already been saved once by his fellow Islanders, and the odds suggest he'll be spared again on Monday night, but the same can't be said for Dale and Mary, who now look set to continue their relationship off-screen."

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