Love Island fans notice something odd about Maura’s tan

Love Island’s Maura Higgins has caused a stir with her sex chat while on the ITV2 show.

However, it wasn’t that which was getting fans talking tonight.

It was in fact her tan.

Many viewers said they couldn’t help but notice that the 28 year old Irish lass’s face is a different colour to her boy.

Many have suggested that the brunette beauty must have forgotten to take in a darker foundation while tanning in the villa.

One viewer probed online: “Why is Maura’s head always a different colour to the rest of her body?”

While another added: “It’s really stressing me out that Maura’s face on a night is getting further and further away from the colour of her body. Update your foundation to match your tan girl please!”

A third chimed in: “The difference in colour between Maura’s face and the rest of her body is giving me pure anxiety.”

While a fourth said: “Just wish someone would colour match Maura’s foundation.”

However, it doesn’t seem Maura’s tan is putting the new Casa Amor guys off.

Maura was seen hooking up with footballer Dennon Lewis, 22 last night.

However, personal trainer Marvin Brooks caught her eye tonight as the 29-year-old hunk went in for a kiss during the Raunchy Races game.

We wonder why guy she’ll choose to take back into the villa.

Love Island airs weeknights and Sundays on ITV at 9pm.

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