Love Island fans horrified as Maura makes X-rated confession about Tommy Fury

Love Island newbie Maura Higgins left fans absolutely horrified with a very X-rated confession about Tommy Fury.

The Irish beauty, who entered the villa tonight alongside Elma Pazar, got a bit giddy as the boxer stood in the kitchen cooking her a very unappetising-looking starter.

The girls chose a boy each per course and sat together gossiping about their first impressions while waiting for each one to be served, and under the watchful eye of the other girls.

As Maura chatted to Elma, she couldn't hide how much she fancied Tommy, who is currently coupled up with Molly-Mae Hague.

"Oh my god, they look so f*****g fit," Maura said, and Elma agreed they looked better in real life.

"I am having fanny flutters, I'm not even joking," Maura said.

But it was her next confession that shocked viewers.

Looking over to the kitchen, Elma said: "But I don't feel like there's a lot of cooking going on, I'm just saying. I'm like starving hungry.

"I feel like all Tommy's doing is eating."

Maura then confessed: "I wish he was eating me."

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Viewers couldn't believe what they were hearing, but liked it.

One said: "So I’m not a fan of Mollie-Mae but Maura’s comments about Tommy did make me want to vom a little…"

Another commented: "That Maura girl is exactly what we needed. Wants Tommy to eat her wants to scream his name"

And one posted: "Go on Maura , saying what everyone else is thinking about Tommy"

However, some felt what she said represented a problem with double standards.

One said: "if a boy came in and spoke about a girl the way maura spoke about tommy , he’d be “creepy”. how can you be making sexual comments about someone you just met"

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