Love Island Fans confused about the whereabouts of Sherif: ‘Has he gone home?’

Love Island fans were left baffled after tuning into last night’s episode. 

While the majority of the hour-long programme was focused solely on new boy Danny Williams, other original contestants were pushed to the sidelines. 

And viewers weren’t happy. 

Despite grabbing some screen time in previous episodes, Sherif Lanre failed to make an appearance at all on Monday night’s show, with many fans questioning if he had gone home. 

The rugby player, who is currently coupled up with Anna Vakili, has been enjoying a slow-burning romance with the pharmacist. 

On Sunday night’s episode he proclaimed she had “melted his heart”, after she stayed loyal to him. 

Sherif’s notable absence didn’t go unnoticed by viewers. 

One fan wrote: “Was it just me or was Sherif just not in that episode? Have I missed something or?”

Another put: “Alright but has Sherif gone home or where he at?”

While a third was in agreement: “Hopefully Sherif was getting a trim today because he wasn’t seen once in tonight’s episode.”

While Sherif failed to make any screen time, Molly-Mae Hague certainly made herself the centre of attention.

After enjoying advances from both Tommy Fury and Anton Danyluk, the 21-year-old’s head was soon turned after Danny arrived in the villa. 

Confessing he’s “my type on paper”, the petite blonde later proclaimed: “Danny, that’s like baby daddy material, Anton’s like ‘I want to go to a theme park with him’ material, Tommy is like ‘I wanna f*** you’ material.”

Love Island airs tonight on ITV2 at 9pm. 

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