Love Island episode 16 review: Bombshell Danny Bibby dates Kaz, Hugo dodges kiss and 'sister zones' Sharon

ANOTHER day another dramatic bombshell entry.

This time Danny Bibby was the new arrival who had all existing Islanders losing the plot.

He was announced with the customary ping of a text that revealed he would be dating two girls right away.

First up was Kaz, who didn't even try and play it cool. She leapt around, danced and grinned as she hurried to the dressing area with the girls.

The mood among the boys was far more sombre, with Toby once again particularly concerned by the villa equilibrium being knocked off kilter.

However, viewers will have to tune in tomorrow night to see who lucky lady number two is.

Meanwhile Hugo went from professor placid to señor stud tonight.

His entire Love Island experience has been played out in the friend zone so far.

But that changed tonight as new girl AJ made it clear she had a soft spot for him.

After lamenting she didn't get to kiss him in the day's egg-sucking game, the opportunity was there on a plate for Hugo to go in for a snog up on the terrace.

However, he either couldn't read the signs or was unwilling to, as he kept his distance before explaining he didn't want to rush anything.


That could come back to bite him on the behind as AJ questioned his assertiveness.

He certainly didn't lack any when he told Sharon under no circumstances would he ever fancy her.

Chatting in the garden, he likened her to a little sister and made it clear he couldn't wait to move on. Ouch.

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