Love Island 2019: Popular couple to split as secret kiss exposed in ‘explosive’ reunion?

Amber, 21, has been worrying about whether Michael, 27, would have his head turned after the girls left the Love Island villa at the beginning of the week.

Despite reassurance from her fellow female islanders, Amber hasn’t let her insecurities over Michael drop and it seems her urges were right as the firefighter has shown as interest in newcomer Joanna Chimonides, 22.

After he slept on the daybeds with the likes of Curtis Pritchard, 23, and Tommy Fury, 20, who also wanted to remain loyal to their partners, Michael decided to share a bed with Joanna at the end of last night’s episode.

It was teased by the ITV reality show Michael would kiss Joanna in a brief highlight of tonight’s show and scenes airing this evening will see the pair lock lips before the girls return from Casa Amor.

It’s going to be explosive

A source

Past series have seen the girls learn what the boys have been up to with a number pictures posted under the front door of the villa ahead of being reunited or subsequently dumped by their current partner.

However, this year it seems the girls won’t know what the boys have been up to, leading the way for explosive scenes to ensue when Amber discovers the truth about Michael and Joanna.

“This year, Islanders won’t get a video or a postcard from the other villa – leaving them completely in the dark over who has stayed loyal and who has been cheating,” a source told The Sun.

“So that means their imaginations will be running wild – nobody will be any the wiser who has had their head turned.

“Anything can happen in the recoupling – it’s going to be explosive when the villas reunite,” the source continued.

Ahead of the girls returning to the villa, Michael will tell Joanna: “I’ve come back into being myself just from you being here. You being here and being around you has made me more like myself.”

The pair then share a kiss on the daybeds, but the firefighter is still conflicted about his feelings for Amber.

“Amber is an unbelievable girl but it’s the little things that are playing on my mind at the minute,” he remarks.

“I am torn in the sense that I don’t want to hurt Amber but at the same time I’m enjoying Joanna’s company and how she’s making me feel.”

With big decisions looming, Michael will have to choose to couple up with Amber or Joanna. If he decides to stay in his current couple, how will Amber learn the truth or will the firefighter try and keep his betrayal a secret?

Another couple who look set to split could be Curtis and his half-girlfriend Amy Hart, 27, as the professional ballroom dancer has also had his head turned.

Curtis has provided one of the biggest shocks of the series as his relationship to Amy looked set to last in the villa, but Jourdan Riane, 24, has thrown the dancer into a frenzy.

Sitting down with Jourdan ahead of Amy’s arrival in the villa, Curtis tells her: “Loads of people have walked into the villa, I’ve not even looked at anyone. This is why I don’t know why you have swayed me in a different direction.

“You are clearly stunning, you seem very clever, you seem like you’ve got a good heart and there clearly is something missing with me and Amy otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.”

“If a recoupling was in half an hour, I’d be going off my gut, I’d choose you,” Curtis admits.

With his sentiments ringing true as a recoupling is announced, will he stick by his admission to Jourdan?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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