Lord Sugar makes sly Piers Morgan dig as he addresses Apprentice quitting rumour

Lord Sugar has made another sly dig at broadcaster Piers Morgan amid their ongoing feud – this time lashing out at his sense of humour.

With the 16th series of The Apprentice kicking off this Thursday (January 6), Lord Sugar was quick to address the rumours circulating that there's a sell-by date on his stint as boss – and made it clear he doesn't see replacement material in Piers Morgan.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press ahead of the show's launch, Lord Sugar responded to the rumours: "I’m not planning to quit the show in two years.

"First of all I stated I really wanted to make it 20 years – this one is 16 so I’ve got four more to achieve that goal."

He went on to joke: "I’ve already worked out the final task in one of the series is to arrange my funeral, to see how well the candidates arrange it and what kind of coffin they’ll get for me. I’m going nowhere, and the programme’s going nowhere."

Lord Sugar added: "I can assure you there’s going to be a lot more. While I’ve got the health and strength in my body, I will carry on."

Famous for his iconic one-liners, the legendary entrepreneur made it clear Piers would be no match for his comedy.

He said: "No-one [would fill my shoes] – as far as Piers Morgan is concerned that would be a bit of a lead balloon, really. He’s got as much humour as a real lead balloon!"

He and Piers have been embroiled in a social media feud for months, which was recently reignited as Piers questioned his lack of appearance on the New Year Honours list.

It began on Twitter, as Piers wrote: "Very disappointed not to have made the honours list this year. After all I’ve done for this Govt, it’s baffling they haven’t rewarded me with at least a knighthood for services to holding miserably mediocre ministers to account. ‘Sir Piers’ will have to wait."

But Lord Sugar was quick to clap back: "Knights are a very elite circle of people. The problem is your head is so far up in the clouds the queen would not be able to tap you with the sword, she maybe tempted to ram it where the sun does not shine.

"An anagram of Sir Piers Morgan is Orgasm Inspirer."

However, last year Piers himself did attempt to call it quits on their feud, writing in his MailOnline column: "I’ve even missed Sugar as a human being.

"Beneath his gnarly, blunt and often breathtakingly rude exterior, he’s got a good heart."

Piers recalled how Lord Sugar sent an "incredibly kind" letter when his father suffered a stroke.

He added: "In this ever more toxic world in which everyone seems to be falling out with everyone about everything, I’m glad we’ve resolved things."

But it their fragile truce doesn't seem to have lasted for long.

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