London Kills season 3: Will there be another series?

London Kills has had audiences gripped after it arrived on this side of Atlantic after proving to be a hit in the US. The show was created by US streaming service Acorn TV which is now branching into original content, according to Deadline. Here’s what we know so far about season three including a release date, cast, plot and more.

Will there be another series of London Kills?

London Kills is the ambitious British police drama from American streaming service Acorn TV.

As of yet, there’s been no word about a recommission from Acorn TV which makes the show.

In an exclusive interview with, star Bailey Patrick said: “I mean, it would be amazing if we could go again. It would be fantastic.

“I would definitely love it if we could go again. I think the response is people are screaming out for more.

“People have already watched it in America, watched one episode then binged five. Everyone’s been saying they binged it and wanted more.”

The star, who plays DC Rob Brady, added: “There’s definitely an appetite for it. I’m sure all four of us loved making it, so it would be fantastic.

“I think we could squeeze three and four out, definitely.”

When will London Kills season 3 be released?

As London Kills season three has yet to be confirmed, there’s not yet a release date from Acorn TV.

British fans are still waiting for season two to drop on BBC iPlayer after the first run finished on June 28.

In the US, season two of London Kills will be coming out on July 15 but it’s uncertain when UK fans will get the follow-up. has contacted to BBC to find out when London Kills season two could arrive on BBC iPlayer.

There is likely to be another five episodes in season three should it get the green light.

Seasons one and two were shot back-to-back and if there is a renewal perhaps the same could happen with the third and fourth runs.

What will happen in London Kills season 3?

Although season three is unconfirmed, Patrick shared his thoughts on where the show could go: “There a lot of explore with all of the characters.”

Teasing: “Season two definitely does finish with some unanswered questions, I can’t give too much away.”

On the development of his own character, he said: “I know my character is married because he wears a wedding ring but we never see his wife, so there is a little bit of a mystery to unpick about whether he has children.

“So that’s a little bit of a mystery to me. That’s kind of the direction he might go in, see a little bit more of his backstory.”

Season three is likely to see more of the same formula that originally won the show its fanbase: gritty crimes in London cracked by a team of detectives.

Who will be in the cast of London Kills season 3?

London Kills will most likely see the return of the central quartet of characters.

So Hugo Speer will be returning as DI David Bradford, Sharon Small as DS Vivienne Cole, Bailey Patrick as DC Rob Brady and Tori Allen-Martin as TDC Billie Fitzgerald.

There will also be more characters making up the suspects involved in individual cases.

London Kills Series 1 is on DVD and Digital from 1 July

London Kills season 1 is available to watch on Netflix now

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