Line Of Duty fans spot one of the show's most evil villains in shocking 'blink and you miss it' season 6 appearance

LINE Of Duty fans spotted one of the show's most evil villains in a shocking "blink and you miss it" season six appearance.

Evil prison guard Alison Merchant – played by Maria Connelly – was last seen at the end of season two.

Alison was known for her brutal abuse towards Lindsay Denton, who was in police custody.

Some eagle-eyed Line of Duty fans spotted the character in the latest episode of season six.

One person asked: "Wait… this is the kettle woman isn't it?"

Another said: "answering yes or no….IT’S HER"

A third remarked: "I knew I had seen her before but couldn’t remember where/when. I hope she gets her comeuppance this series but not sure she will …."

The character gained notoriety in season two after allowing faeces to be mixed in Denton's food, which led to her being violently sick.

But most infamous of all was when she poured boiling water over Denton's hands in order to stop her speaking to AC-12.

She ended up lying on the incident report – but was quickly transferred.

In her most recent appearance, Alison breaks Farida Jatri's wrist when she gets her from her cell.

She was being kept there before being questioned by the anti-corruption unit.

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