Line of Duty fans convinced DCI Ian Buckells is final member of H after string of damning clues

LINE OF DUTY fans are convinced DCI Ian Buckells is the final member of H after uncovering a string of damning clues that all point to his direction.  

The big twist of series five of the police drama revealed that the mysterious H is not just one person but a number of people. So who is the last member of the Organised Crime Gang? 

Since the revelation that H is more than one person, fans have been busy backtracking to try and figure out who it could be. 

A YouTube user, known as Clem, has been using their time during lockdown wisely by going over every possible scrap of evidence to figure out who it could be – and all leads are pointing to unassuming Buckells. 

Even actor Nigel Boyle, who plays the police officer, has previously said of his character: "There's more to Buckells than meets the eye!"

Clem begins their analysis by revealing the necessary characteristics of H: "Undercover cop John Corbett, played by Stephen Graham, was certain H was a senior police officer.

"If he's correct, we must be looking for someone of Inspector rank and has been for some time."

DCI Ian Buckells first appeared in season one when he was appointed Senior Investigating Officer on the Jackie Laverty case, taking over from DCI Tony Gate.

The character is next seen in series four having been SIO after DCI Roz Huntley, played by Thandi Newton, is removed from the operation on the recommendation of AC-12.

But who keeps recommending and appointing him? As Clem points out, Hilton.

Series five concluded with Hilton being found dead having been murdered that was staged to look like a suicide.

Fan Clem reveals he doesn't believe Dot or Gill actually knew who their other colleague was, otherwise The Caddy would have given up their name in his dying declaration.

He goes on to say that Gil, who is now co-operating with AC-12 and going into witness protection, would have given up all the information she knew. 

Clem reasons: “Hilton was already trying to lead cases away from the OCG. He put himself in charge of the Greek Lane murders case, pushing the idea that it was connected to terrorists instead of drug dealers and Buckells does the same.”

He goes on: “In operation Trapdoor, he directed suspicion onto Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins) and Hannah Reznikova (Gaite Jansen) putting the search for balaclava man on the back-burner.

“Buckells used the same methods as Hilton, a known member of H to stop Organised Crime being linked to both of these cases.

“Buckells was also the one who permitted Dot to speak to Tommy Hunter (Brian McCardle) following his arrest.

“Ian was also interested in Dot taking the inspectors exam, which would see him become a senior police officer and Dot went on to become one of the four members of H.”

Fans of the BBC show were thrilled with Clem for his in-depth analysis and putting two and two together, with one saying: “Great great points, Buckells definitely fits the MO for the classic whodunnit perp as someone always present but in the background enough to not draw suspicion to the audience.

“I think he'd be a great choice for Jed to go with for H.”

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