Liam Gallagher pens pathetic love letter to brother Noel begging to reform Oasis exactly a decade after split – The Sun

A DECADE on from Oasis’ split, desperate thug Liam Gallagher has penned a grovelling love letter begging brother Noel to get the band back together.

The cringeworthy singer shared the lyrics to his upcoming track, One Of Us, on his website days before its actual release date.

Given his level of intelligence, that’s hardly surprising. But it’s his fans I feel sorry for, because if they were expecting some old fashioned rock ’n’ roll from their idol they will be hugely disappointed.

The song sadly includes the same drivel about missing his sibling that he’s been peddling since their big bust-up back in 2009.

On the track, from upcoming record Why Me, Why Not?, Liam sings: “Come on I know you want more, come on and open your door.

“After it all you’ll find out, you were always one of us, act like you don’t remember.

“You said we’d live forever, who do you think you’re kidding? You are only one of us, in time.”

In another line he refers directly to his older sibling Noel as “kid” and whines: “It’s a shame you thought you’d change, but you were always one of us.”

The embarrassing lyrics are accompanied by a similarly mortifying video, which saw Liam casting young actors to play himself, Noel and their middle brother Paul.

Noel has ignored Liam’s sad pleas and last week said the band would never reunite. And it’s hardly surprising.

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