‘Let’s pile on Harry and his wife’ GB News sparks backlash as host slams Duke of Sussex

Royals: Stephen Dixon reacts to Prince Harry taking a private jet

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The GB News breakfast hosts were joined by Dawn Neesom and James Bloodworth to discuss the latest news and headlines within national papers. The topic of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle soon came up as Dawn apologised one royal story had to be explored. The panel slammed Harry for his use of a private plane to go and play polo, whilst giving their verdicts on Meghan’s new podcast. Viewers of the breakfast show were unimpressed with their comments and took to social media to express their annoyance.

Anne handed over to Dawn for her piece of news she wanted to share, as she began: “We have to have one royal story, this is from the Daily Mail who are no great fan of Harry.”

Stephen commented: “I really want to like Prince Harry still but I am finding it ever more difficult.”

Agreeing, Dawn continued: “Yeah absolutely, I think you are right. This is the hypocrisy of Harry the eco-warrior.

“The Duke of Sussex was spotted arriving at a California airport before his private plane was idling at the time for 30 minutes.

“It is a £7.5million private plane for a 90-minute trip to play polo…” to which Stephen added: “But he went in an eco-car to the airport.”

Dawn expressed: “Yeah but his bodyguards didn’t and they were carrying all the stuff behind him so he went in the eco-car and then he offset that by flying in a private jet on a two-hour flight.

“He could have got a commercial airline to play polo and then he tells all of us to worry about our week in Spain and feel guilty for getting on our budget airline, it is hypocrisy!”

James quipped: “Six tonnes of Co2 which is about as much air as Meghan Markle’s latest podcast.”

“Oooh he went there,” Dawn gasped, as Stephen asked: “Has anybody listened to that yet? Is it really as bad as they say?

“That she didn’t interview Serena Williams, she didn’t really interview her, she just talked about herself to her.”

Dawn confirmed: “I was actually very interested as to what Serena had to say about being a woman in sport and how ambition is deemed unfeminine in sport.

“I was actually genuinely interested in that subject matter and all I learnt was a lot about Meghan Markle, I think she spoke one and a half times more than her interview subject.”

Many of the viewers were annoyed by the comments made by the foursome, with @TheBadAdvisors tweeting: “Oh slow news day….. let’s pile on Harry and his wife. Terrible news channel.”

@lordisthisfree commented: “How the hell are you managing to have an almost daily story about these people?

“Don’t even your viewers wonder at the levels of obsession it must take to find some new ways to mock, scorn and deride daily?”

@BlnRussell fumed: “Give up then like the rest of us.”

@clough72 asked: “Are we meant to be hating Harry or Megan today? I’m confused.”

Carla Gill quipped: “GB News at its very best!! I’m sure PH will be gutted that you are finding it hard to like him.”

Danny Whittle exclaimed: “I think we get it now. You don’t like Harry and Meghan but do you have to keep blabbing on at them? Leave them alone for goodness sake.” (sic)

Breakfast with Stephen and Anne airs Friday to Sunday from 6am on GB News.

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