Kristina Schulman Accuses Caelynn Miller-Keyes of Hooking Up with Her YouTuber Ex at Stagecoach

Blake Horstmann is without a doubt Bachelor in Paradise’s messiest contestant ever thanks to a series of truly terribly timed hookups at Stagecoach. Basssssically: Blake hooked up with Caelynn Miller-Keyes *right* after he hooked up with Kristina Schulman. Oh, and then he went on to make a play for Hannah Godwin. But whatever, back to Kristina and Caelynn. Apparently, these two were involved in all sorts of drama at Stagecoach thanks to Caelynn allegedly hooking up with another one of Kristina’s exes there—at least according to Kristina, who spilled the tea to Entertainment Tonight.

“The point of me bringing up this guy is because I gave Caelynn the benefit of the doubt and she personally did something,” Kristina said. “I don’t want to mention who it is, just because it’s not relevant. I just wanted to say what my situation was with Caelynn, and it wasn’t that I just disregarded her from the get-go. It was a little bit more personal and she did it personally.”

And here’s the thing: apparently this whole love triangle was going to play out at the reunion, but Twitter is claiming ABC cut it:

And Reality Steve spoiled this whole part of the reunion taping several weeks ago, claiming the man in question is a YouTuber who Kristina did, in fact, attend Stagecoach with:

“I just told Caelynn from the moment I saw her that I’m indifferent about her,” Kristina told ET. “I just didn’t trust her intentions when she was on Colton [Underwood’s] season and I was indifferent. I’ll see her at an event. I’ll say hello. I’m not like, ‘Oh, you’re a mean girl. I don’t wanna talk to you.’ Like, none of that. It’s just another person that I know.”

In conclusion: I love mess.

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